2018 Ariki Cup

On a very windy and cold day, our Year 5 and 6 Ariki Cup team competed at Kettle Park in the Ariki Cup Cross Country Championships.  They had to compete against the best of the best from the other schools within our area.  They all did a fantastic job running over the 2.5km distance.  It was a tough competition for them, but they did us proud. 

The teams consisted of… 

Year 5 Girls                             Year 5 Boys

Renee G                                   Dylan A

Hannah B                                 Archie P

Emma M                                   Harley H

Isla K                                       Isaac G 

Jamie E                                    Max P

Texas W                                   James K


Year 6 Girls                             Year 6 Boys

Violet M                                   Isaac S

Bella B                                     Henry S

Renee W                                  Alex S

Lucy S                                     Ngaru O

Molly W – Injured                     Logan G

                                               Stanley H

Congratulations to Dylan A who came 2nd in the Year 5 Boy's race.

Isaac S came 4th in the Year 6 Boy's race.

Well done to everyone who completed.






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