Enrolment at Anderson's Bay School

At Anderson's Bay School we are committed to our School vision of being "Absolutely the Best".  At Anderson's Bay School we have a dedicated teaching and support team who develop and maintain programmes and endeavours for our students providing the Absolute Best in learning and teaching opportunities.

Anderson's Bay School is a unique, hidden gem nestled in the Otago Peninsula suburb of Anderson's Bay.  

Anderson's Bay School makes every effort to ensure that your child's transition to school experiences are absolutely their best.  Our Principal, Mr Hamish McDonald is always very happy to discuss the opportunities that are available at Anderson's Bay School for your child.

Anderson's Bay School is governed by an Enrolment Scheme.  This means that all children who live within the area of the enrolment scheme have automatic right of entry.  However any children enrolling at Anderson’s Bay School, after 23 May 2016, who do not live within the area of the enrolment scheme must apply for enrolment during the application for enrolment times.  In the course of a normal year it is anticipated that there will be two times our school will advertise for application for enrolment, one near the end of a school year, for the first half of the following year and a second time near the midpoint of a year for the second half of a year.  Families are able to apply for enrolment at any stage and we will hold these applications for enrolment, for consideration and decision, until such time as the applications for enrolment close and measures of priority are applied and placements for children are made.  

When managing our Enrolment Scheme, it is critical that we are aware of all children starting at our school and are able to make accurate projections about possible spaces available.  Therefore, can I please ask that you spread the word to any families who are wanting to start at our school, to let us know of their intentions, and also please make sure our school office is aware of any younger siblings who will be starting at our school, ensuring their enrolment forms have been completed.

If you do have any questions about this process in our school please do get in contact with the School Office.

The enrolment scheme map, written description and other documentation can be downloaded from this page.  The Ministry of Education are currently working on a link that will quickly respond to an address, to identify whether it is within our school zone.


Please feel free to make contact with our school to discuss any element of our school further or to make an appointment to have a look around our fantastic school, meet with the Principal and see our classrooms in action.


Enrolment Form


Application for Out of Zone Enrolment

Should you wish to apply for a space, as an out of zone student, please complete the application form along with the genera enrolment papers.


Enrolment Booklet 2018


Enrolment Scheme Boundary Map

This map identifies the Anderson's Bay School Enrolment Scheme boundaries.


Enrolment scheme Map, Pop Out 1

You can use this map to get a closer look at the streets included in the Anderson's Bay School Enrolment Scheme.


Enrolment scheme Map, Pop Out 2

You can use this map to get a closer look at the streets included in the Anderson's Bay School Enrolment Scheme.


Enrolment Scheme Written Description

This is a written description of the the streets forming the boundary of the Anderson's Bay School Enrolment Scheme.  Use this description to follow the boundary around the enrolment scheme.


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