Marvellous Monday - Transition to School Programme

At Anderson’s Bay School, feeling confident and secure is important to us, so we offer a Marvellous Monday transition to school programme.  We invite children to come along to school, so they can experience what school is like, learn some school routines, interact in the new entrant classrooms and begin to develop relationships.


You are invited to come along to our Marvellous Monday sessions during the 6 months preceding your child’s fifth birthday, for as many sessions as you wish.  In fact the more often the better for your child


We hold Marvellous Monday in Room 1, which is one of our New Entrant classrooms, in our Junior Block.  Your child will be interacting with New Entrant teacher, Emily Armstrong, and getting to know the children who will be starting around the same time as your child. 


Marvellous Monday operates every Monday afternoon from 2.00 - 3.00pm.  We do ask that parents remain within the school grounds during these times, however please feel welcome to come and have a cup of tea or coffee in our staffroom.


We look forward to meeting you and your child on Mondays.

92 Jeffery Street, Anderson's Bay, 9013 Dunedin
(03) 454 4413