2014 School Production Cosmos Conundrum!

Cosmos Conundrum.

An unidentified flying object is flying around with the letters MITM on the craft.  No one knows who it is. He flies past downtown workers, so the workers/city people think earth is in danger! A UFO expert Professor Dalrymple (Adam Stitely) and his Assistant, Beamlea (Brooke Parnell) are called in to investigate.

The UFO flies past the clouds, planets, stars, martians, crater critters and more. The Astro Aces are called in to investigate, then finally Captain Bob and his superhero squad find the culprit-The Man In The Moon!!  The man in the moon (Alex Livingstone) gets bored so goes for a cruise around the solar system!

Throughout the show, the 3 reporters (Blake Armstrong, Ben Caton & Amberly Orr)  keep the people on earth informed of  the latest news.


The evening was a great success, with wonderful dancing and awesome singing from the wonderful Choir. A Big Thank goes to everyone involved.



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