A Very Special Visit From a Marine Biologist

Last Monday Tony Harland and his daughter Hannah came and spoke to us about Marine biology as part of our 'What is in our local habitat study' Tony is an ex parent of the school and Hannah's last year here was 2002. She is now following in her father's footsteps studying to become a marine biologist herself. Tony collected a range of sea creatures from down at Portobello. We all gathered in the MLE in a semi-circle as Tony began showing us an impressive collection of sea creatures from buckets full of salt water. There were limpets, sea snails, sea tulips, star fish, chitons and other interesting molluscs. A great experience for the children to be able to touch the creatures while Tony talked and explained all about them. Most students were amazed that we have such a range of interesting sea creatures right on our back door step.

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