Discovery Friday - Charity Group

This year as part of discovery time, some children were in the charity group.  They spent some time exploring different charities and what they do.  They also researched how they could support these charities.  After some discussion and careful consideration, the group decided to support the S.P.C.A and St John.  They got to work planning ways of raising money and goods for these charities.

Firstly the children did a car wash at school where teachers paid $5 to have their car cleaned.  They also had a “Go Green” day, where children dress in green clothes and pay $1 for St John.  The children organised a movie and popcorn lunch at school.  They decided to have a collection of pet food for the SPCA and used goods for the St John opportunity shop.  The final idea was selling St John plasters.

The children worked very hard and were very thoughtful.  They had a great understanding of working to support others rather than to benefit themselves. Their hard work paid off as they raised a lot of money and many items to donate.

Thank you to our school community for supporting the children to help these charities.  People have donated goods, made donations for the movie, popcorn and “Go Green” day.  Thank you for all your support.  Special thank you to Mrs Brown for helping the group every Friday and the helpful mums that came to take the children to the SPCA and St John shop.

I must mention the amazing plaster selling efforts of Caitlyn McLaren and Louisa Chrystal- Lowe selling more than 17 packets of plasters, Cayden Seyb selling 28 packets and the Ellis family selling a whopping 32 packets!

All together there was $394.25 for the SPCA, $394.25 for St John and $382.00 worth of plasters sold, along with the pet food and used goods, this is an amazing effort.


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