Dunedin Primary and Intermediate Triathlon Championships

On Wednesday 16th March 16 students from Anderson’s Bay went out to Port Chalmers to compete in the Dunedin Primary and Intermediate Triathlon Championships.  Schools from all over Dunedin took part.

The competition was fast and ferious.  Our students did a fantastic job.  Two of our teams placed in the event, the Andy Bay Stars got 3rd in the year 5 girls teams and the Andy Bay Speedo’s won their section.  These two teams will now head off to compete at the Otago Primary and Intermediate Championships in Cromwell on the 31st March.

Year 5 girls team


Team Name

Laura Mulholland (swim)

Jorja Gibbons (Run)

Kaila-Belle Geeves (Bike)

Andy Bay Stars

Alice Anderson (Bike

Phoebe Jaquiery (Run)

Paige Carr (Swim)

Andy Bay Apple Worms


Year 6 boys and girl teams


Team Name

Emily Sharpe (Bike)

Samantha Mclellan (Swim)

Chloe Gilchrist (Run)

Andy Bay Winners

Holly Hayday (Run)

Aliyah Martin (Swim)

Ayanna Geeves (Bike)

Andy Bay Trouble Makers

Dylan Pledger (Bike)

Noah McDowall (Run)

Blake Clearwater (Swim)

Andy Bay Speedo’s

 Year 6 boys individual

Jack Soal

 Our Year 6 boys team winning the Dunedin Triathlon Champs, team event at Port Chalmers.

(Noah, Black and Dylan)


 Our year 5 girls team placed third in the teams event as well

(Jorja, Kaila-Belle, Laura)  

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