Guest Speaker from China

The Kowhai Team are learning about life in China.

This week we were very lucky to have a guest speaker come to talk to us. She is called Yaling and she is a primary school teacher in China. She told us lots of interesting things about school in China. Children in China start school at 6 years old. The classes are bigger than in New Zealand as they have 45-60 children in each class. The children sit at desks in rows. They have long school days. Year 3’s start at 8am and finish at 4pm! The Year 4’s finish at 5pm! They have one hour homework every night and most children also have after school lessons as well. Children in China also have extra classes on the weekend too. They have text books for all their subjects.

The schools all have restaurants and the children get a free lunch, but they can bring their own lunchbox if they like.

Yaling taught us how to say some Chinese words, showed us some Chinese writing and also how to do eye massage. All the children in China do this eye massage every day to relax their eyes.

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