Kowhai Team Toy Market Day

Kowhai Team - Mini Market Day

In week 2 this term, the Kowhai Team classes had a very exciting mini market day as part of their ‘Toy’s’ topic inquiry. Everyone donated a toy that they didn’t want, or need anymore and then these were put in the toy stalls. There were lots of toy stalls, a movie ticket stall (for Toy Story 1 or 2), a fruit kebab stall and popcorn stall.

We were all very busy setting up the stalls and getting the signs up. Everyone had designed posters for a stall and some children were selected to be the stall holders.

All the children had $1 in plastic ‘funny money’ to spend at the market. Everyone had to purchase a toy (50c), a ticket one movie (30c) and a voucher for a fruit kebab or bag of popcorn (20c), to eat at the movie.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed watching Toy Story 1 or Toy Story 2, while we ate our snacks!

Everyone agreed that it was a fantastic day!!

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