Kowhai Team Visit The Dairy Farm

Kowhai Team Dairy Farm Trip

On Wednesday 9th November 2016, the five Kowhai Team classes went on a trip to a dairy farm in Outram. We travelled in three buses and one double decker bus.

We arrived at the farm at 10am and sat on tarpaulins on the grass to have our morning tea. Then we met the farm owners Anne-Marie and Duncan as well as the farm team of Rob, Joel and Shay. We were also introduced to:

Danny from Fonterra

Brian from Fonterra

Murray the tanker driver from Fonterra

Guy from DairyNZ


We then went to different ‘stations’ on the farm.

  • We visited the calf sheds and were allowed to run up the bobby calf ramp. We were also allowed to play on the huge hay bales and some of the farm vehicles.
  • We went inside the milking shed which had a huge rotating platform with milking machines. Duncan showed us how the cows were automatically milked by the machines. We were allowed to feel the warm milk in a bucket.
  • We went to the effluent pond and learnt all about what happens to the effluent.
  • We met the tanker truck driver who showed us how the milk was tested as it got pumped from the big vats.
  • Guy from Dairy NZ explained to us how he visited different farms to discuss any problems they might have. He gave us a mini quiz about dairy farming and some children won chocolate Freddo Frogs for answering the questions.


We left the farm at 12.30 and everyone got given a box of ‘calci-yum’ flavoured milk and an activity bag.

After that we drove to the Mosgiel Park for a picnic lunch and a play. When we arrived at the park the sun came out. It was a fantastic end to our exciting day out.

We got back to school just before home time.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt lots of new things about dairy farming.

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(03) 454 4413