Science in a Van

On Friday we were lucky enough to have the ‘Science in a Van’ show come to our school.  In the morning the whole school watched a science stunt. Mrs. McDowall was chosen to try out the stunt. After that, each team had a chance to do some more fun learning in science.

The Rata team had ‘The Wonderful World of Bubbles’ show. They learnt about mixtures, how they separate and come together to create a reaction. There were some amazing bubbles floating around the school after this show!

The Kowhai team had the “Move It!” show. They learnt about Newton’s three laws of motion. The show ended with a rubber chicken (strapped to a water rocket) flying across the courtyard. It was spectacular.

The Totara team had the ‘What's the Matter?’ show. They learnt about the three states of matter - solids, liquids and gases. They also learnt about the periodic table and how elements can come together to make different materials and how materials can change with mixing and temperature. There were some explosive experiments!

Everyone thought it was such an inspiring, exciting day of learning in science!

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