Stars on Stage 2015

On Tuesday the 25th of August, the Totara team participated in Stars on Stage with various other schools. Our theme was Flintstones To Selfies, with many different dances within the theme. There was the Flintstones, the Typewriters, Ring, Ring, Video Killed The Radio Star, and the Crazy Frogs. A tremendously massive thanks goes to all the parents and teachers for helping to organise some of the children’s costumes and the bits that were handmade. Without all the help, the costumes would not of been finished, and we wouldn’t have been able to get there on the night. The finished costumes and dance were totally stupendous, and lots of us had a blast! Another massive thanks, because we would not have been able to get to the performance without all the gracious parents and teachers. We were very lucky to have a very successful team to help us look like pure shining stars on the night. Well done to all the parents and teachers, as with your help every child who performed were able to look like superior performers because it felt exhilarating to participate in such a splendid event!

Written by Emma Tasker

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