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1 November 2018

Welcome New Children

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We would like to welcome David, Bertie, Yula, Alexis, My, Juno

Jack, Jaxon, Noah, Layla, Ryder, Cohen & Jackson 




to Anderson's Bay School.  
It is wonderful to have you joining us. 


















Planned Strike Action - Anderson's Bay School Closed 15th November

As many of you may be aware, through media coverage, the New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI) has not been able to form a satisfactory agreement to support the needs of teachers and principals throughout New Zealand.  This is a major, national issue, as across the country we are identifying a significant decrease in upcoming teachers and a noticeable increase in teachers and principals leaving the profession.  Action is needed now to support and promote teaching as a profession and to support classrooms and children with the diverse range of challenges, expectations and requirements.  

As a result schools across the country will be striking during the week of 12 November.  Anderson's Bay School will be closed on Thursday 15th November, at this stage.  We do know that this is an inconvenience for our families and continue to hope that the NZEI and Ministry of Education can come to an agreement before the strike date.  Thank you for your ongoing support.




2019 Term Dates

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 Every year our teaching team undertake two professional development, teacher only days immediately before the start of the school year.  Along with a number of other schools we organise a speaker of significance to support our professional learning.  For 2019 we intend to do the same, however the speaker is limited to being able to attend on Thursday 31 January.  The logical start date following this speaker will Monday 4th February.  This date, however is taking the start of our school year later than we had hoped and we want to take advantage of the learning time this provides for our children.  Therefore, Anderson's Bay School will be doing something a little different next year. 

Our start date for the 2019 school year will be Monday, 28th January, For the first time in many, many years we will take a teacher only day during term time on the Thursday 31st January, meaning school will be closed for that day.  This is not our normal practice, as we genuinely do not want to inconvenience our families and normally will hold such days during term breaks, however, the calibre of the combined schools professional development opportunity is very important for our staff.  

We will continue to share this information, as we want our families to be completely well informed of this day, allowing you to make arrangements for your children.  We have also arranged for Magic After School care to be running a "holiday style" programme on Thursday 31st January to assist our families with this day.  This opportunity will be available for any of our Anderson's Bay School children.


The Term Dates for 2019 are as follows:

Term One

28th January to 12 April 2019

Term Two

29 April to 5 July 2019

Term Three

22 July to 27 September 2019

Term Four

14 October to 13 December 2019





Around the School

It has been a busy start to Term 4.  Below are some photos of our hardworking children at various activities.


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 IMG_9217.JPG   IMG_9198.JPG   IMG_9161.JPG


IMG_9223.JPG  IMG_9200.JPG  IMG_9137.JPG


Thank You

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Thank you to Bloem Farm who kindly donated a trailer of compost for the school vege patch.  The children are looking forward to planting new seeds in this quality compost and we are very grateful you could help us out!  


Request to Parents

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The sandpit toys need donations of any metal plates, pots and pans, sieves and utensils.  Don't throw them away, recycle and gift to our Playscape! 

No plastic or glass please!

Thanks in advance for your support.


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School Traffic

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As you will be aware, there are ongoing concerns for the safety of all, as children are dropped off and picked up by their parents in cars, near the school gates on Jeffery Street, Highcliff Road and the Memorial Gates by the ‘Teachers Only’ parking area.  Of particular concern are those who park on yellow lines and endanger themselves and others. Number plates will be relayed to the DCC traffic department and illegal parkers can expect communication from them. The safety of all children is paramount.
This week has seen new signage appear around the main driveway to the school and along Jeffery Street .  


IMG_0215.JPGIMG_0217.JPG (1)




Dogs at School

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Anderson’s Bay School has a “No Dogs” rule which complies with health and safety regulations.  The “No Dogs” policy is clearly stated on the various school gates and bringing dogs onto the school grounds is breaching the rule. While we sympathise with those who would like to bring their dogs to school; it is not permitted.  


Returning School Library Books

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Just a reminder that the school library will be closing at the end of November to allow us to do a full stocktake of all books.  The last day for books to be issued from the school library this year will be Tuesday 20th November, and ALL books need to be returned to school on or before Thursday 29th November.  If your child has overdue books, we would appreciate your help in having a good look at home for them – all school library books will have an Anderson’s Bay School barcode sticker on the back – and ensuring that these are returned to school.  Thank you for your assistance.



Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fair.JPG


Weet-bix Kids Tryathlon 2019

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As per the information below we have now set up a "Special School Group" which will enable participants to get the special entry price.

When registering, we ask that you click on the School Group icon which is at the bottom of the registration page.

Once you have completed the Registration Type section please go to the bottom of that page and type in our school name and "Join".


2019 Weetbix Tryathlon.JPG


For Sale

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  • The school has a quantity of school desks which are now available for sale.  The desks are manufactured of varnished chipboard with powder coated metal legs. They have flip up tops with storage underneath, are well used and very sturdy.  They are available for $2 each.

First Aid Kits - Last Chance to Purchase


This is the last chance to order First Aid Kits for 2018 ($40.00 each)



A sample can be viewed at the school office.


Quality First Aid Kits Available

As a fundraising activity for the Year 5 and 6 Outdoor Education programme in term 4, we are offering parents the opportunity to purchase good quality First Aid Kits.

They are ideal for homes, cars, caravans, and make valuable gifts.

Each kit comes in a heavy duty first aid bag with internal pockets. The four transparent compartments fold out so you can easily see all of the contents at glance.

The kit contains: free Digital Thermometer, 1 x Instant Ice Pack, 2 x Emergency Blankets, 1 x CPR Resuscitation mask with valve, 1 x Eye Pad, 2 x Burns Dressings, 2 x Conforming Bandage Rolls, 20 x Band Aid strips, 2 x Triangular Bandages 90cm x 90cm x 127cm, Long adhesive strip 6cm x 20cm, Adhesive Multi-pore Tape Roll 13mm x 5m, 3 x Butterfly Adhesive Plasters 7.4cm x 4.5cm, 2 x Knuckle Adhesive Plasters 7.5cm x 3.7cm, 4 x Semi-permeable Dressings 6cm x 7cm, 3 x Adhesive Island Dressings 6cm x 7cm, 2 x Adhesive Island Dressings 6cm x 10cm, Combined/Abdominal absorbent pad 23cm x 12.5cm, Scissors, Tweezers (metal), 4 pairs large PVC safety gloves, 10 x safety pins, 4 x Soap wipes 20cm x 19cm, 4 x Saline, Cleansing Wipes 20cm x 19cm and a First Aid Guide.

Each kit costs $40, which is below retail price and excellent value.  




Yes please; I would like to order ___ First Aid Kits.  


Name__________________________ Email: _____________________________


Phone __________________________


Child’s name_______________________  Room number ___________________


Payment method: cash / eftpos / internet banking

Bank Account Number: 03 0905 0904389 00 - please use “1st Aid” as a reference




School Calendars

Unfortunately this year the PTA will not be fundraising Artwork Calendars and Diaries as they are short of helpers.

They apologise for any inconvenience.



PTA News

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 kids market.JPG

SUNDAY 4th November - 11am - 1pm



SENIOR DISCO - Friday, 9 November 2018 - 6:30pm to 8pm 

Rooms 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 only

Entry is by way of canned goods/noodles etc to be given to the Salvation Army Food Bank.  A box will be at the hall entrance upon arrival.

We need parent help for this evening event -  please sign up through


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The PTA has a Facebook page called “Andersons Bay Community”.  This page is for advertising school events and fundraising events.  Families are also able to sell and purchase school uniforms and school sports uniforms.
Posts on this page are monitored.


 entertainment book.jpg

Anderson's Bay School PTA are again co-ordinating Entertainment Books for our school.  This is a fantastic opportunity for us to provide these books to our community and also to support the fundraising ventures of our PTA.  We look forward to your support of our school in this fundraiser.
If you have any questions or would like to order a book please contact:


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The PTA have an important role in the function and resourcing of the school. They have worked tirelessly to support many initiatives within the school, such as the environmental garden, playscape development, Discovery Friday, games in classrooms, technology purchases and the School Fair - among others.
They would like to extend an invitation to all parents to join their meetings and the organisation. They assure all prospective members not to be put off by the thought of highly demanding tasks: parents contribute only as their time and means permit and new parents are supported by current PTA members to help with events.






Community Notices


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 Queens Aerobics.JPG

     Children's Yogo Term 4.JPG


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Kiwi schools and parents loved our first digital version of Tots to Teens, so we’re excited to send you the link to our next issue!

Your school’s link to the new digital magazine is available here 

In case you don’t know us, Tots to Teens magazine is a free community parenting resource for Kiwi families. We focus on positive, well-researched parenting advice to support children’s reading, learning, behaviour, nutrition, health, well-being, and resilience. We have distributed 550,000 free magazines nationwide each year to families through schools, preschools, libraries, and Plunket for over 16 years.

To help support more New Zealand families, we are now producing Tots to Teens as a free digital magazine, using new technology that ensures an easy-to-read experience for parents, particularly for those parents who read emails using their phone. We want to make it easier for parents to read our helpful articles, and we’re doing this by making it simple to share the Tots to Teens digital magazine in your school newsletters and emails to parents.

If this is your first time receiving the digital link, I’m contacting your school to ask you to take part in our schools programme to receive the latest issue of Tots to Teens as a digital magazine, which you can share with your school community. Parents can access the latest issue of Tots to Teens for free through this link. It’s easy to open and there are no big files to download, and it’s secure – parents can only access their digital copy of Tots to Teens magazine through this link via their local school.

Great stories in the latest issue of Tots to Teens Magazine

In this issue, we look at why “It’s okay to play”, as the brain’s right hemisphere develops by the age of four, and it takes about another three years for the left to catch up. We also have a parents’ guide on “How to check your child’s reading comprehension”, and we ask, are we suffering from “Digital defeat” – where social media and technology are killing our kids’ ability to read? “10 ways to become a remarkable parent” and “50 easy techniques to help kids calm down” will give you some great ideas. Make sure you’re in to “Win!” great prizes, and don’t forget to enjoy our “Family fun” page, too!

We now have a fantastic new smartphone- and computer-friendly digital version of Tots to Teens for parents to view!

 Quirky Poster.jpg



 Marzipan logo.JPG

Is your child shy? Do they feel intimidated by the idea of public speaking and performance? Do they sometimes find it difficult to make eye contact? Do they just need dedicated time per week to just be CRAZY?!
Come and join the revolutionary self-confidence programme - Marrzipan! We run awesome classes at schools, which focus on key life skills and public speaking ability.We play fun engaging games and perform at the end of term once to parents and once to the school. All scripts are original, engaging, educational and HILARIOUS. You can sign your child up for a Trial Lesson via our website have contact numbers on there too, should you prefer to talk to a human!) 

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92 Jeffery Street, Anderson's Bay, 9013 Dunedin
(03) 454 4413