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11 August 2016

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New Children At Anderson's Bay School

We would like to welcome Nirvana and Abigail.  It is wonderful to have you at Anderson's Bay School.



Assembly Programme for Term Two




Running Assembly




No Assembly

Discovery Friday




No Assembly

Discovery Friday


Kapa Haka


No Assembly

Discovery Friday




No Assembly

Discovery Friday


Anderson's Bay School Playscape - Bottom Carpark Closed from 1 August


As you would be aware, the Playscape construction has begun.

Lizzie Potter and Geoff Markby have been working very hard, on behalf of us all,  to organise and coordinate this event and will be keeping us all up to date with the progress as it unfolds.

However, we are going to be blocking access to our school carparking area and asking that children do not use the gate entry from the bottom car park or through our Archway gates.  This is for Health and Safety reasons, as the carparking area will become a construction zone during the Playscape development.  Thank you for your understanding and support.


Some photos of the progress on our Playscape ........





Pokemon Cards

Recently we have noted an increase in children bringing Pokemon cards to school.  There have been several incidents of lost cards, cards going missing and times when children have swapped cards without really wanting to, leading to higher levels of upset and frustration.  We do understand that children are enjoying the social interactions that come with these types of cards and have therefore made a decision to request that Pokemon cards are not to be brought to school, except on a Wednesday, when we will run a supervised Pokemon club at lunchtime.




Friday Sausage Sizzle

The Year 6 children are fundraising for their camp to be held in December. 

These are a great option on those cold winter days when it’s nice for the kids to have something hot for lunch. It also gives parents a day off sandwich duty!  We hope you will support our Year 6s in their fundraising efforts.

How to order: 

Please place the correct cash ($2 per sausage) in an envelope with your child’s full name, class number and number of sausages required and post in the slot in the office before 3pm on the Wednesday.  You can also pay by EFTPOS.

Never have the correct change in your wallet? How about ordering for a block of weeks or the whole nine weeks? Simply place the correct amount in an envelope with the details listed above and stating which dates you wish to order for.

Friday sausages will be offered during Terms 3 & 4.  For those children who ordered sausages last Friday (snow day), these have been transferred to the next available Friday.


sausage sizzle.jpg


Found 1 Pair of Glasses

We have a pair of glasses that have been handed into the school office.  If you have lost a pair of glasses please check whether these belong to you.



Experiences at the Art Gallery

Recently our Kōwhai and Rāta Teams have been visiting our Public Art Gallery and taking part in the fantastic education programme that is offered there, run by John Neugemen.  These are some of or children in Room 8 making the most of the experiences.

Art Gallery.jpg


Healthy Children, Healthy School

Recently we have had several cases of children being unwell, with flu like symptoms and sore throats.  In some instances we have been advised that a child has been diagnosed with "Strep Throat".  Below is some advice from our Health Nurse and the Ministry of Health website.  If you would like to read more information about this summary please follow this link.

"When to see your doctor

You must see your GP if you or a family member experiences any of the following:

  • a sore throat that lasts more than a few days
  • difficulty swallowing
  • your tonsils are enlarged or coated
  • a high temperature (above 39°C)
  • swelling in your neck
  • earache or joint pain.

If your child is Māori or Pacific, is aged 4 and above, and has a sore throat, please get it checked straight away. They are at risk of a serious but preventable illness called rheumatic fever.

Call Healthline 0800 611 116 if you are unsure what you should do."


sore throat.jpg


Anderson's Bay School PTA Event

Due to the weather last week the PTA event at the Edgar Centre was postponed.  This will be held tomorrow, Friday 12th August.

The original details, as outlined below, remain the same.



So pop it in your diary, pack a picnic and we will see you there....

Date: Friday 12th August

Venue: Edgar Centre, courtside

Time: 5.30pm-7.00pm

Cost: Free of Charge

What to bring: picnic tea and blanket, a sense of humour and your sports shoes. This is going to be a fun family event, come along and meet some of the other families from the school. 


School Uniform Lost Property

Please name all school uniform and other clothing items.  Missing items are regularly placed in the school's lost property bin in the hall.  Please also check, from time to time, that your child is wearing their own named items.  The jackets are easily mixed up, especially by our younger students.


lost and found.png


Wintery Weather, School Closures and Late Starts

On occasion, schools may have a late start or closure for inclement weather, this could be for snow, ice or, in the case of last year, flooding.  Although at times the conditions around Anderson's Bay may not reflect the road conditions for some of the other major roadways in Dunedin, decisions for late starts or closures are made  as a "blanket decision" for all schools in the Dunedin area, taking into consideration the need for staff and families at schools to travel across the city.  Decisions to have a late start or closure will be notified on Classic Hits 89.4 FM.  As soon as we receive notification of a late start or closure an email will be sent to all families and a note will be put on the home page of our school website.



Notification of Absence from School

As you will be aware it is important that we are able to account for any child's absences from school.  As part of our record keeping requirements for the government we are required to code and identify the reason for a child's absence or lateness to school. Can we ask that if your child is absent from school that you please leave a message, before 9:00 am, on our absences voicemail by calling the school office on 454 4413.  In this message can you clearly state your child's name, their classroom number and the reason for their absence, it is also helpful if you can leave a contact phone number, in case we need to contact you back.


absence from school.jpg


Community Notices

story lines p 1.JPG

story lines p2.JPG


Inserts 2.jpg





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