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23 June 2016

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New Children At Anderson's Bay School

We would like to welcome Harlen, Cormac, Kayley, Feidhlim and Jamie to school.  It is wonderful to have you at Anderson's Bay School.



Assembly Programme for Term Two





Running Assembly




No Assembly (School Disco)

10 8/7





Anderson's Bay School Production

Wow, our Anderson's Bay School Production was nothing short of AMAZING!  Congratulations to all the children for their tremendous efforts and wonderful performance.  A sincere thanks to all the families, teaching and support staff members who put such a lot of effort into making this a success for our children.

Don't forget to keep an eye on our events section on the website for some images of that occasion.



Board of Trustee Elections

As we launch in to the next three year term for the Anderson's Bay School Board of Trustees I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank and farewell our three members of the Anderson's Bay School who have stood down this year.  Thank you to Nick Green, Paul Mulholland and Donna Smith for all your support, efforts and commitment to our school.  We have been very fortunate to have had their support and presence on our Board, it has been an absolute pleasure working with them.


And in the next breath I would also like to welcome our newly elected Board of Trustees, Hayden Smale, Mark Baldwin, Simon Tangney, Stephanie Hall, Robert Kinney and Agnes Oliver.  I thank you in advance for the your support and time and look forward to working with your newly formed Board of Trustees.




Matariki Celebrations

The past couple of weeks for our school have been extremely busy with some amazing experiences and opportunities for our children.  In the week leading up to the production our children were presented with a range of experiences through whānau groups.  Not only did this present a fantastic chance to be involved in a range of activities but it also presented our school with times to be working together with children of different ages and strengthening our community relationships.  Again, I would like to express my appreciation to all of our family members who gave time and experience to make this week a success, and also to acknowledge the tremendous effort of our Teaching and Support Team in the preparation and implementation of this week ... and don't forget to check out our Events Page on the website to view some action shots of this week. 




Google Classroom and Google Drive

Google Apps.jpg (1)

Over the past year our school has been working more and more within the Google Docs and Google Apps environment, especially with our Kōwhai and Tōtara Teams.  All children have an "" login in and can access their Google account and documents for viewing, editing and sharing from anywhere.  If you have not yet had a chance to see what your children have been doing in their Google space take a chance to sit down with them and login using their @andybay login by visiting

If your child's classroom is using Google Classroom you can also access this through the instructions on this PDF document your child's login by clicking on the cluster of squares on the top right hand corner of the Google screen ....

 Google Apps.JPG



Anderson's Bay Cross Country

It was almost perfect conditions for a "mid-winter" cross country event yesterday, as our children got themselves a little muddier taking part in the Annual Anderson's Bay School Cross Country.  It was wonderful to see so many of our families cheering on the sidelines and sharing in the joys and challenges of this event.



Interim Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher interim interviews are scheduled for Thursday, 7 July beginning at 2:10 p m for parents of Years 3 – 6 children.  These interviews are an important opportunity for parents and teachers to meet to discuss specific academic and/or social objectives for the year ahead. 

Parents of children in Nga tipu, R1A, R3, R4 and the Y2 children in R7 receive written reports and an interview invitation every 20 weeks. If you have recently received a report you will have been invited by the class teacher, to book in for an interview on the 7th July.

If you have not received this invitation please wait for your child’s next report to come home, before arranging an interview.  

We will be using a secure, web-based service, which allows parents to book an exact interview time using any computer connected to the internet. 

Bookings for interviews will be open from Thursday, 23 June, and can be made at the website using the school code m4ur6.   Although the vast majority of parents will be able to access the web from a home computer, a friend’s computer or a workplace computer parents may telephone or call into the office over the next week to arrange bookings through the school office

Children will remain at school on the Wednesday until the normal time of 3pm.



Anderson's Bay School Playscape

Over the weekend there have been big changes at school.  Thanks to the generosity of Kev Jarvis and his team and Brent and Julie Patterson (and their supportive children) the Playscape is taking off! The ever present Geof Markby and Lizzie Potter, along with the team above, started clearing the sand pit area ready for landscaping the Playscape.  The children were especially excited to have the gym bars re-located and are looking forward to using the long jump pit on the top field.  Watch this space for more exciting Playscape updates! 

Following the last PTA meeting, we were able to confirm the start with the construction team for the Playscape and we are expecting over the coming weeks to see a hive of activity and changes to that landscape developing.  Our very own Anderson's Bay School PTA have been instrumental in supporting the fundraising for this project.  This is a project that does not attract Ministry of Education funding and must be funded entirely from outside sources.  To date we have been very fortunate to receive support from our PTA (via our community fundraising contributions ...thank you!) and also The Community Trust of Otago, giving us the opportunity to get started on the first 2 stages of this 3 stage project.



Interim Reports

For all of our Years 3 - 6 children Interim Reports will be coming home next Friday, setting a foundation for our Interim Parent Teacher interviews the following week.  For children who have been at school for up to two years (80 weeks) the Anniversary Reporting schedule for After 20 weeks, After 1 Year, After 60 weeks and After 2 Years continues to be followed and interviews will also be arranged around that schedule.


Production Photos

Class and group photos of our fantastic production are now available for purchase.

Photos can be viewed on the school website. All photos have been numbered, so you can choose which ones you like of each class. There are multiple images of each class to choose from, so please carefully select your photos, and fill in the order form carefully. Do not just select your child’s room number.

All photos will be printed 6x8.

The cost is $2 per photo.

Please fill in the order form below, and return it with the correct amount, to the school office. All orders must be in by Friday 1stJuly.



Our Caretaker (s)

Over the last two terms we have been extremely fortunate to have Mal Parker working within our school as our School Caretaker, during Miguel Rodriguez' absence.  On behalf of our School I would like to extend our appreciation to Mal for all his hard work and commitment, it has been a pleasure having Mr Parker as part of our school team.  For the final two weeks of this term we are looking forward to welcoming Mr Rodriguez back, following his return from shoulder surgery, and are excited to have both Miguel and Mal working as Caretakers, within our school for these two weeks.



Chocolate Fundraiser

It has been fantastic seeing so many of our chocolate fundraising funds being returned over the last week.  Please get these back to us as soon as possible.  Please have these returned to the office by Thursday 30th June.   Also, if you have any unsold boxes, please return these to school, as we can re-distribute these for sale.  Don't forget that the proceeds from our fundraising is currently going towards supporting the wonderful Playscape development.  Thank you for your support.



Scholastic Book Fair

Only 11 days until the Book Fair opens …

Yes, our second Scholastic Book Fair will be held in the last week of this term, from Monday 4th to Thursday 7th July. Timed for just before the school holidays, this is a great opportunity to stock up on some wonderful books at discounted prices. And remember, the school will receive a percentage of the proceeds to go towards new resources. Eftpos will be available.

When:   Monday 4th July - Thursday 7th July

Where:  ICT suite in the MLE

Times:  Monday – Wednesday 8.30am-9.00am and 3.00pm-3.30pm

            Thursday 8.30am – 9.00am and 2.00pm – 8.00pm (during school interviews)


So, come along and discover a whole treasure trove of reading delights!

Scholastic Book fair.jpg


Healthy Children, Healthy School


Measles update

You may be aware there is currently a measles outbreak in New Zealand, so far mainly affecting communities in the North Island.

This as a timely reminder to check your child’s vaccination status and ensure they are up to date with their vaccinations.  Please let your school or early childcare centre know your child’s vaccination status, if you haven’t already done so. They will require written evidence of which vaccines your child has had. You may also use this as an opportunity to review the vaccination status of your whole family.

Two MMR vaccinations provide the best protection for measles, and the vaccine is normally given at 15 months and 4 years of age. The MMR vaccine was not on the childhood immunisation schedule until 1990. That means many adults and parents may not have received the required 2 doses of MMR and are encouraged to contact their practice nurse to discuss catch-up MMR. If you are unsure, you can check with your GP or your Wellchild book for your vaccination history. Catch-up MMR is available for all children and adults who have not received their two MMR doses on today’s current schedule.

If a child becomes sick with measles at your school or centre, children that are not considered immune to measles will be excluded.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your public health nurse, practice nurse, or visit:


Anderson's Bay PTA Event


So pop it in your diary, pack a picnic and we will see you there....

Date: Friday 5th August

Venue: Edgar Centre, courtside

Time: 5.30pm-7.00pm

Cost: Free of Charge

What to bring: picnic tea and blanket, a sense of humour and your sports shoes. This is going to be a fun family event, come along and meet some of the other families from the school. 


Disco and Mufti Day

Don't forget that we have a disco and mufti day planned for next Friday, 1st July.  The Rata Team are running their disco during the afternoon, at school.  All Rata Team children are encouraged to dress up in the Kiwiana Theme clothing.  Kōwhai and Tōtara Team children will be having their disco from 6:30 - 8:00 pm and also have a mufti day during the day on Friday.  Please don't forget to bring along a gold coin donation on Friday for the mufti day.



Second Family Ski Trip

There is an opportunity for the organisation of a second family ski trip.  If you are interested in taking on the role of organising this trip, on behalf of our Anderson's Bay families, please contact Laurence Potter, on 022 1600 515 or email 



Wintery Weather, School Closures and Late Starts

Although the image below may seem like a very distant memory or something that couldn't possibly be on the horizon, given our recent amazing weather conditions, I am aware that these conditions could move into winter conditions very quickly, in the not too distant future.  On occasion, schools may have a late start or closure for inclement weather, this could be for snow, ice or, in the case of last year, flooding.  Although at times the conditions around Anderson's Bay may not reflect the road conditions for some of the other major roadways in Dunedin, decisions for late starts or closures are made  as a "blanket decision" for all schools in the Dunedin area, taking into consideration the need for staff and families at schools to travel across the city.  Decisions to have a late start or closure will be notified on Classic Hits 89.4 FM.  As soon as we receive notification of a late start or closure an email will be sent to all families and a note will be put on the home page of our school website.



Notification of Absence from School

As you will be aware it is important that we are able to account for any child's absences from school.  As part of our record keeping requirements for the government we are required to code and identify the reason for a child's absence or lateness to school. Can we ask that if your child is absent from school that you please leave a message, before 9:00 am, on our absences voicemail by calling the school office on 454 4413.  In this message can you clearly state your child's name, their classroom number and the reason for their absence, it is also helpful if you can leave a contact phone number, in case we need to contact you back.


absence from school.jpg


Community Notices







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Magic holiday programme.JPG


Marzipan Holiday programme.JPG




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Roadshow 2016 A3 Dunedin.jpg


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