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23 March 2017

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New Children At Anderson's Bay School

We would like to welcome Freya, Isla and Zachary to Anderson's Bay School.  It is wonderful to have you joining us.


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Assembly Programme





Running Assembly







10 7/4

Dance Week Performance


No Assembly


Anderson's Bay School Pool Open on Saturdays



The School pool will be open Saturdays 1-3pm.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Please bring a gold coin per swimmer for pool entry.




Term Two Sports

To register for a Term two sport, please click on the link below.  Registrations close Wednesday 29th March.

Hover your mouse over the link = Ctrl + Click to follow link




Goal Setting Interviews

Parent/Teacher goal setting interviews are scheduled for Thursday, 30 March, beginning at 2:10 p m for parents of Years 4 – 6 children.  These interviews are an important opportunity for parents and teachers to meet to discuss specific academic and/or social objectives for the year ahead.  For children in Years 1, 2, and 3 you will be invited to come in for an interview and discussion following your child's Anniversary Reporting cycle.  Therefore, for children in Rooms 5, 6, 7 and 8 only the children who are Year 4 in these Year 3/4 composite classes will have an interview scheduled for 30th March.

We will be using a secure, web-based service, which allows parents to book an exact interview time using any computer connected to the internet. 

Bookings for interviews opened Monday 13th March and can be made at the website using the school code vkeff.  Although the vast majority of parents will be able to access the web from a home computer, a friend’s computer or a workplace computer parents may telephone or call into the office over the next week to arrange bookings through the school office.

Children will remain at school on the Thursday until the normal time of 3pm.

The goal setting sheet has been sent to you separately.



Playground Monitoring Procedures

As part of the internal review processes of our school we are constantly assessing and adjusting our practice to ensure that we have the best systems and processes in place.  Recently we have refined and adapted our morning tea and lunchtime procedures.

During morning tea and lunchtimes children are monitored by three duty teachers, who are stationed at different sections of the school.  The duty teachers wear bright orange vests, so that they are easily identified by children, should they need any help.  During the duty time teachers engage with children monitoring games being played and ensuring that the behaviour of children is appropriate.  As a school, we like to focus on the positive, with much of our time reinforcing the fantastic behavioural choices of children.  This may be in the form of an acknowledgement of the way children are playing or by allocating an "Absolute Best Voucher", which goes into the Absolute Best box, which is then drawn from on Monday morning assembly, when three children are drawn from the box to have morning tea with Mr McDonald.

At times, however, children do make choices which lead to inappropriate behaviour, which is then followed up by the duty teacher, Deputy Principal or Principal.  In the case of an incident requiring follow up, we note down the names of children involved in this incident to identify any ongoing concerns we may have.  Should children continue to be displaying inappropriate behaviour the following steps are taken:

  • If children are in the incident log twice in a term, as appearing to be responsible for inappropriate behaviour the Deputy Principal or Principal will discuss this behaviour identifying what the next step will be.
  • If children are then in a third time, as appearing to be responsible for inappropriate behaviour, they will be removed from the playground for a morning tea and lunch slot
  • If children are in a fourth time, as appearing to be responsible for inappropriate behaviour, the Deputy Principal or Principal will notify parents of incidents in playground and children will be removed from playground for two consecutive days
  • If children are in a fifth time, as appearing to be responsible for inappropriate behaviour, a meeting will be arranged with parents to discuss ongoing behavioural issues and possible next steps.   Children will be removed from playground for a week.  




Anderson's Bay School PTA Futsal Evening



Healthy Children Leads to a Healthy School

During the past weeks we have noticed that children are starting to show signs of a few bugs, coughs, colds and flu like symptoms.  Below are some guidelines from our Public Health Nurse, outlining when children should remain at home.


When your child:

  • Has signs of being unwell i.e. grizzly, unsettled, listless or tired
  • Has a high temperature or appears very hot
  • Is complaining of, or appears to have a sore tummy, throat or ears
  • Has a continuous cough
  • Should be at home if has had diarrhoea and vomiting within the last 48 hours
    • Please note that if your child has had vomiting or diarrhoea and do return to school within 48 hours they may be sent straight back home.  This is a measure that is in place to limit the spreading of this form of illness.
  • Has weeping, red eyes and/or a yellow discharge around the eyes
  • Has broken skin sores.
  • Has become ill with a communicable disease e.g. measles, chickenpox.

If you are unsure, call your child’s School or Public Health Nurse.

Please inform your School if your child is going to be kept home due to illness.

The Ministry of Health infectious diseases poster can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.  This poster identifies the treatment, symptoms and time that children should remain away from school.


Infectious Diseases Poster.JPG

The Public Health Nurse for our School is: Julie Buxton

Contact details are: 027 332 2784: 03 476 9853


Anderson's Bay School Triathlon



Anderson’s Bay School - Thursday 6th April

This Triathlon is aimed at having a go and having fun.  There are no medals or certificates for the top 3 placings.  All athletes will receive a participation certificate at the end of their race. Athletes may compete in a team of three, or as an individual.  Athletes do not need to register before the event.  The PTA will be selling sausages and drinks.  Cancellation – If the event is cancelled, a banner will be posted on the Anderson’s Bay website and an email will be sent.  A decision will be made at 2.30.  If the event is cancelled, there is no postponement day.



Order of races

Year 1-2

Year 3-4

Year 5-6


The first race, Year 1-2 starts at 4.30.  The other races will follow after the end of each race.


Year 1-2

Run – Scooter – Swim

Year 3-4

Bike – Run – Swim

Year 5-6

Bike – Run – Swim



Distances / Course


Year 1-2

Run = 1 lap on the top field, down to Barkleys

  •        300m

Scooter = From the hall down to the pool

  •        150m

Swim = 1 length

  •        14m


Year 3-4

Bike = 2 laps on top field

  •        380m

Run = Top field to the pool

  •        450m

Swim = 3 lengths

  •        42m


Year 5-6

Bike = 3 laps on top field

  •        580m

Run = From top field to the pool

  •        450m

Swim = 5 lengths

  •        70m

Headlice at Schools


Headlice 1.png


Headlice 2.png


Anderson's Bay School Fair

It is fair year!!!! Our fair is on the 17th September, between 11 am and 2 pm. This is not only our main fundraising event for the year (this time working towards upgrading our shading and seating around the school) but also an amazing way to bring together our local community for a day full of fun!

We would love to have as many families participating as possible! You can get involved as much as you wish, as there are big and little jobs to be done!

Come and share your expertise, passion, time and fun with us! For more information regarding stalls and different ways to help please contact the PTA Fair Committee via




Community Notices

Community Oral Health Service

Children (from birth to the end of year 8)


Children* are entitled to FREE basic dental care, from birth until they begin high school. 

Free basic dental care is available at Community Oral Health fixed clinics and mobile dental units throughout the Southern District.


The Service is run by appointment only.  We would like parents/guardians to attend all appointments with their child as Dental Therapists provide parents with valuable advice to support their children’s good oral health. 


If your child is already enrolled with the Service we will contact you to make an appointment.  If your child is not enrolled, you are unsure or new to the area, please call: 


Otago 0800 672 543 or Southland 0800 570 300 – both numbers are free to call from cell phones


For more information visit:

Find us on Facebook     Talkteeth – Southern

*who meet the eligibility criteria for publicly funded health and disability services


Adolescent Oral Health Service

Adolescents (from year 9 until their 18th birthday)


Adolescents* are entitled to FREE basic dental care, from Year 9 until their 18th birthday – no matter where you’re at… high school, training course, work or unemployed. 

Free basic dental care is available by enrolling with a Dentist.  This is usually arranged at the child’s last dental visit with the Community Oral Health Service in school year 8.  The chosen Dentist should contact you directly to make an appointment.

If you need to enrol, or have any questions please call:


0800 825 583 – option 2


For more information visit:

Find us on Facebook     Talkteeth – Southern

*who meet the eligibility criteria for publicly funded health and disability services



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Ngāi Tahu Tuition Opportunity

Funding is available through the Ngāi Tahu Learner Support Fund to enable Ngāi Tahu whānau to access personalised tuition to support their tamariki and help further their progress at school.  Number Works'nWords is approved by the Rūnangao Ngāi Tahu as an accredited provider of tuition (Mathematics and English).  Registered Ngāi Tahu tamariki are entitled to apply for a grant which provides one term of tuition per year, valued at $450 plus GST.  Forms can be requested by emailing matauranga@Ngā, or by contacting Pauline at Number Works'nWords, 90  Crawford Street, Dunedin or phon 474 1104.




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