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24 October 2019

Welcome New Children

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    We would like to welcome Sawyer and Maddison

to Anderson's Bay School. 

It is wonderful to have you joining us.









Skool Loop

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Term Dates 2020

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Term One

Monday, 3 February to Thursday, 9 April 2020


Term Two

Monday, 28 April to Friday, 3 July 2020


Term Three

Monday, 20 July to Friday, 25 September 2020


Term Four

Monday, 12 October to Wednesday, 16 December 2020



Teacher Only Days - Term 4 2019

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Teacher Only Days in Term 4 2019

Recently the Ministry of Education awarded all schools in New Zealand 8 Teacher Only Days that are to be used over a three year period. 
For 2019 Anderson's Bay School will be using two of these days in Term Four this year.  In an attempt to make this a little more manageable for families, and also to balance our many commitments in Term Four, we will be holding these Teacher Only Days either side of Labour Weekend.  This will mean that Anderson's Bay School is closed for instruction on Friday 25th October and Tuesday 29th October
The school will also be closed for the statutory holiday on Monday 28th October. 
Magic Kids Club will be running a programme at the school on the 25th and 29th October.  Please contact them directly to make a booking -
Phone: 4533266 or 022 466-5227 

Children's Stories

Mrs Oliver's writing group were asked to write a short story about the new development of our Seating and Shading area outside Te Paihere (see design plans and progress photographs below). We would like to share some with you:

New Garden  
By Tyler Cohen Room 7

They’re building a stage with a garden beside it.  They are very noisy because they are sawing and throwing dirt.
They are making destruction as they go. They’re attacking the ground.  They are making seats and digging.
My favourite will be the stage because it is big enough for me to play on. 

Our New Lunch Area
By Holly Frood Room 6

The builders are making us a new lunch area.  It is going to have a stage with gardens beside it.  We will be able to perform on it. It will be so fun.
It has been really noisy but it is worth it.  My favourite tool is a drill because my Dad has got one. 
They are measuring the shades while they build.  My favourite is going to be the shades because we can sit there without getting sunburnt. 

New Gardens
By Hannah Griffiths Room 8

There are builders that are thinking what type of plants to plant in the ground.  They are making the seats out of wood and the seats have little stands.
They have been lifting the tools to make the seats.
My favourite will be the flowers because we can sit on the seats and sniff and they smell nice. 


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End of Year Celebrations

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Earlier this term we were advised that the Edgar Centre Stadium will not be available for use at the end of 2019, which is where we have previously held our End of Year Assembly.  We have investigated other options for a venue that is sufficiently large enough to cater for an end of year assembly for our entire school and family members.  Unfortunately there are no venues that are cost effective or feasible for this.  Therefore, for 2019 we will be making alternative arrangements for our end of year celebrations.  Our Tōtara Team will celebrate the end of Year and leaving time for our Year 6 students during the afternoon of 12th December, this will be followed by an afternoon tea for the families and Tōtara children, to mark the end of our Year 6 students' time at Anderson's Bay School.  Please allow the afternoon, from 1:30 - 3:00 for this event, if you are a family member of our Tōtara Team children.  Our Rata Team and Kōwhai Team will also hold a separate assembly to thank their families and end the year with their children.  The times and dates of this Assembly will be notified in the near future.


School Pool - Saturday Sessions


Andy Bay School needs some volunteers to open the school pool on a Saturday from 1pm-3pm throughout Term 4.

All you need is a current first aid certificate and a good book to read whilst you are there.

All children must be accompanied by an adult who stays at the pool so you can breathe easy, sit back and relax. 

No children will be allowed to swim without an adult present in the facility.

You will be responsible for the gold coin donation box,  opening of the pool (removing cover), ensuring that the rules of the pool are adhered to whilst it is open and closing the pool at the end of the 2 hours (placing cover back on and checking change rooms). 

If we can get enough helpers you may only need to open the pool once.

If you are happy to help please contact Jenny Larson (in the school office) who will pass on your details.


Community Notices


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New Zealand School Parents Community

This group aims to provide a platform for parents to share parenting and children education and experiences and suggestions. We encourage everyone to setup play dates and social.

I have found that many of our Chinese parents don’t really understand New Zealand’s education system. The only way for many parents to get knowledge was to ask friends who themselves may not know. Therefore, I built this group and hoped that we can share information and find answers to questions about primary and secondary education in New Zealand.

Parents of children in early education are also welcome.

Please do not advertise in the group.

To join, please scan my QR code and I will pull you into the group.

My wechatid: shanezhannz
My QR code:












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92 Jeffery Street, Anderson's Bay, 9013 Dunedin
(03) 454 4413