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3 August 2017

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New Children At Anderson's Bay School

We would like to welcome Qais, Henry, Carson, Alex, Lucas and Cameron to Anderson's Bay School.  It is wonderful to have you joining us.


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Assembly Programme

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Welcome to Mrs Jenny Larson

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Jenny Larson to our Administration Officer role at Anderson's Bay School.  It is fantastic to have Jenny on board, as part of our Office and School Team.


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Pool Open for Fair Contributions

The Pool will be open on Sunday, 20 August and 2 September, from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, for fair donations.  We very much appreciate your contributions to our upcoming school fair, thank you.  When you are selecting items to donate please ensure they are in good order and are something that you would be happy to purchase. Due to our inability to guarantee the safety of second hand electrical equipment, we cannot accept any electrical items for sale.


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School Desks for Sale

Recently, as part of our continual modernisation of our learning environments, we upgraded the furniture in Rooms 5, 6 and 10.  As a result of purchasing new furniture we now have class, flip top desks that are available for purchase and would like to offer these to our community for a donation of $5 per desk.  If you would like to purchase one of these desks they will be available on a "first in, first served" basis.  Please contact our school office to secure your very own school desk.

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Pizza Lunch




Occupational Therapy Students

In the week beginning Monday 21st of August, two occupational therapy students from Otago Polytechnic will be running a lunchtime activity programme with a small group of Year 5 & 6 students. Classroom teachers have passes for interested students, for the days that the activity programme is running.



PTA Fair Information

Fair 2017

The proceeds from our 2017 School Fair will be used to contribute to recreate our seating and shading areas of the school, creating an environment that better meets the interactive, recreational and physical needs of our students, school community and wider local community

Donations to sell at the Fair

Items can be dropped off at the School Pool on:

Sunday 20th August 1pm-3p

Saturday 2nd September 1pm-3pm

Books - Clothing - Toys - White Elephant

Items must be in good clean working sellable order. No Electrical Items Please.

Helpers Needed

Are you able to help?

If so please indicate your interest by emailing the PTA or here

We still need volunteers to help on stalls and help to pick up or drop off trestle tables.

Plastic Bags for the Fair

If you could please drop any spare plastic bags off to the Office.

Pizza Lunch

The PTA are running another popular Pizza lunch on Wednesday 16th August.  You will receive a notice home this week.  Orders need to be returned to the School office by Monday 14th August 9am.

Mufti Day

The PTA will hold a Fair Fundraising Mufti Day on Friday 25th August.  We will ask families for either a Gold coin donation or Chocolate or Lollies to be used as prizes for the fair.


If you have access to a Marquee that can be put on concrete please email





Don't Spread the Bugs

We have had some recent cases of children being unwell at school.  The Anderson's Bay School Policies and Procedures outline that children are required to be away from school for 48 hours following their last incidence of vomiting or diarrhea.  If your child has been unwell, it would be greatly appreciated if you could keep to these guidelines, assisting us to keep the spread of germs and bugs to a minimum.


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Wintery Weather, School Closures and Late Starts

 On occasions, schools may have a late start or closure for inclement weather.  This could be for snow, ice or even flooding.  Although at times the conditions around Anderson's Bay may not reflect the road conditions for some of the other major roadways in Dunedin, decisions for late starts or closures are made  as a "blanket decision" for all schools in the Dunedin area, taking into consideration the need for staff and families at schools to travel across the city.  Decisions to have a late start or closure will be notified on Classic Hits 89.4 FM.  As soon as we receive notification of a late start or closure an email will be sent to all families and a note will be put on the home page of our school website.




Totara Gala Day


On Wednesday the 23rd of August the Totara team will have a lunchtime market. We will be selling a selection of delicious food items and crafts from 12.45pm-1.20pm. Please bring along your spare change for this fabulous event. Most items will range in price from 50c-$2.


Notification of Absence from School

As you will be aware it is important that we are able to account for any child's absences from school.  As part of our record keeping requirements for the government we are required to code and identify the reason for a child's absence or lateness to school. Can we ask that if your child is absent from school that you please leave a message, before 9:00 am, on our absences voicemail by calling the school office on 454 4413.  In this message can you clearly state your child's name, their classroom number and the reason for their absence, it is also helpful if you can leave a contact phone number, in case we need to contact you back.


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Anderson's Bay School Carpark

Over time we have noticed some "near miss" situations with vehicles, children and adults entering and leaving the Anderson's Bay School Staff car park and bottom car park adjacent to the recently closed Anderson's Bay School Playcentre.  After monitoring these ongoing issues the Board of Trustees has made the decision to close these carpark areas to general use, with the exception of emergencies, during the hours of 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.  From Monday 15 May these car park areas will be dedicated to staff and authorised vehicles only.  Should you be in a situation, such as a need for close mobility access, please contact the school office for an authorised vehicle label.  

Not only will this ensure improved Health and Safety practices, but it will also free up street-side parking spaces, with staff cars parked off the street.  As a school we are very aware of the limited parking and drop off areas along Jeffery Street.  Below is a diagram of alternative parking options around our school (provided they are free of roadworks).  The Board of Trustees do appreciate the understanding and commitment of our families to create the safest environment possible.

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Community Notices



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92 Jeffery Street, Anderson's Bay, 9013 Dunedin
(03) 454 4413