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3 November 2016

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New Children At Anderson's Bay School

We would like to welcome Charne, Conan, Sofia, Lily, Freddy, Elise and Amelia.  It is wonderful to have you at Anderson's Bay School.



Assembly Programme for Term Four




Running Assembly


Discovery Friday

3 28/10

No Assembly - Disco



Discovery Friday


Nga Tipu/R 10



Discovery Friday




Activity Week

9 9/12

Thank You Assembly


Break Up Night Wednesday 14th December



Dangerous and Illegal Parking and Driving Around Our School

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Over the past days I have been appalled and disappointed at the parking procedures around our school.  In the past newsletters I have put information about the legislation and rules for parking, in line with the DCC rules, regulations and infringement fines, in a hope that this might prompt a thought or appeal to the sensibilities of our community when dropping off and picking up your children.  However, every day there are instances when people are not parking with care or consideration.  The school have contacted the traffic authorities regarding these behaviours and some specific incidents, and have been advised that infringement notices will be issued to vehicles parking illegally or demonstrating unsafe or illegal driving practices around our school.

It simply is not safe, legal or Ok to:

  • Park on yellow lines
  • Park, drop off or stop in any driveway, or the gateways of the school
  • Overtake a car that is stopped at a pedestrian crossing
  • Stop in the middle of the road to let children out
  • Drive at speed around the school
  • Not stop at a pedestrian crossing
  • Speed up at a pedestrian crossing, to avoid having to stop
  • Park on a corner or over a driveway

As ridiculous as it may seem or sound, all of these above incidents have been reported as happening around our school.

My major concern is the safety of our children.  When people are parking illegally it is not only inconsiderate it is also highly UNSAFE.  I urge you to please SLOW DOWN around our school and PARK PROPERLY, otherwise we are going to end up with one of your children hurt.  It doesn't matter if you "are just going to be there for a minute" or were "running late" not parking properly is not OK.


Farewell to Miguel Rodriguez

Last week Miguel Rodriguez, our much appreciated and valued Caretaker for nearly 26 years, shared a conversation with me, announcing that it was time for him to retire.  Miguel is a substantial part of the structure and Team at Anderson's Bay School.  Miguel is planning to commence his retirement from 27th January 2017, and although we are not at that point yet, the School wanted to share this information with you all, as we know Miguel is also a very important part of the Anderson's Bay School Community.



Planning for 2017

Generally at this time of the year we begin to receive queries about classes for 2017.  At this point in time the structure and make up of classes is still being determined, with some key decisions to be made before classes and teachers for 2017 can be confirmed.  I am aware that there are, and will be, some discussions by families about these, however, when confirmation is available for 2017, communication to families will be made through the school newsletter.  Specifically for individual placement of children in classes, families will be informed of their child’s class for 2017 via the end of year report, sent home on Monday 12th December.


Should you wish to discuss with me any thoughts around classroom decisions for your child for 2017, please feel free to email me on or make an appointment to speak with me.  If there are any aspects you would like to discuss, I would ask that you make contact with me before Friday 11th November, as once our classroom placements and decisions have been finalised no further changes can be made.




Kidz Market



Anderson's Bay School Discovery Friday Charity Group

Charity Group.JPG


Playscape Working Bee

Our Anderson's Bay School Playscape is progressing extremely well, in fact it is nearly finished.  We are now just waiting on the slide to arrive, which has been ordered and should be nearly finished construction, and the completion of a couple of finishing touches.  However, as part of keeping costs down and allowing us to achieve all of our Playscape goals we would like to hold a working bee on Saturday 19th November, from 9:00 am.  The nature of the working bee will be to move bark chips from behind the pool to the Playscape, and to complete some final tidy-ups.  If you have a couple of hours that you are able to donate to this project, we would greatly appreciate any time and support you can offer.  Please contact Geoff Markby, either through the school office or by emailing 


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Anderson's Bay School Pool Open on Saturdays

The School pool will be open Saturdays 1-3pm for Anderson's Bay School children and their families.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Please bring a gold coin per swimmer for pool entry.




Major Road Works Surrounding Anderson's Bay School

The DCC have recently awarded a contract to Fulton Hogan for the renewal of the existing Foul Sewer and Watermains in Every St, Jeffery St and part of Highcliff Road

These works are scheduled to start on the 10th of October and will continue until May 2017

Traffic management will be in place including dedicated drop off / pickup zones when work is undertaken near the school

We ask all parents to please respect the changed road conditions and use the designated drop off /pick up zones

Regular updates about the works and parking near the school will be provided.


Please do not Send Food to School that Requires Heating

Recently we have had a number of children coming to the School Office during lunch time to get their food heated or to have boiling water added to instant noodles.  As a school we do not have the facility to heat food safely for children.  Please do not send food that requires heating or preparation in a kitchen as part of a school lunch.

school lunch.jpg


Playscape Request

The Playscape is nearing completion and we are in need of some Macrocapa rounds or a Macrocarpa tree that we could chainsaw up into rounds for stepping on at different heights.  We would also like some large boulders if anyone has any they don’t want and a crane to lift them in with.  If you can help please contact either or Thank you.


boulder.jpgtree round.jpg



Player of the Day Trophies

Our sporting teams are very pleased to be able to allocate player of the day trophies for children, acknowledging their effort and team play.  These trophies are usually allocated to a child for a week to keep and then return, for the following player to receive.  Over the last months we have allocated a number of trophies that have not returned.  It would be very much appreciated if you could have a hunt around your home to see if one of our Anderson's Bay School Player of the Day trophies are there, and if you find one of these, please return them to the school office.  There are approximately 15 trophies that are currently missing.




Library Books

Just a reminder that next week will be the last opportunity for children to get books out of the school library during 2016, as the library will shortly be closing for the year.  Overdue notices will be sent home on a weekly basis from next week, and all books should be returned to school by Wednesday 23rd November.  There are a large number of library books which we are trying to locate, and we would appreciate your help in having a good look at home for any books with an Anderson’s Bay School barcode sticker on the back, and getting these returned to school.  Thank you for your assistance.




Don't Spread the Bugs

We have had some recent cases of children being unwell at school.  The Anderson's Bay School Policies and Procedures outline that children are required to be away from school for 48 hours following their last incidence of vomiting or diarrhea.  If your child has been unwell, it would be greatly appreciated if you could keep to these guidelines, assisting us to keep the spread of germs and bugs to a minimum.


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Community Notices

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92 Jeffery Street, Anderson's Bay, 9013 Dunedin
(03) 454 4413