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31 August 2017

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New Children At Anderson's Bay School

New Children 31.8.17.jpg 

  We would like to welcome Jessica, Ali and Yussif to Anderson's Bay School.  

It is wonderful to have you joining us.




Assembly Programme

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Dunedin is experiencing a mumps outbreak.  Mumps is a viral illness that spreads easily and cannot be treated. 

The best protection against mumps is the MMR vaccine.  This is usually given at 15 months and 4 years of age.  Please check that your child is up to date with this and other vaccinations by contacting your GP.  Vaccination is free for all children in New Zealand, regardless of immigration status. 

Please ensure the school has up to date information on your child’s vaccination status.  Evidence of vaccination is required so the school can keep their immunisation register up to date.  Evidence can be your child’s WellChild/Tamariki Ora book, or a letter from your GP.

In the event that we have a child with confirmed mumps at our school, we will work with the Public Health Nurses.  Children who have been in contact with the person with mumps will have their vaccination status checked.  Any child who has not had their MMR vaccinations, or who does not catch up with their MMR vaccinations immediately after exposure, will be asked to stay at home for 2 – 3 weeks.





Tōtara Market Day

The Totara Team students created a Market as part of their Social Science topic this term.  The Totara students studied Markets and Money.  This was a very practical activity where students had to decide and produce a product for their stall.  All money raised went to the Year 5 and Year 6 Outdoor week which is at the end of the year.  The whole school was invited to purchase food and craft items.  Follow this link to view more photos




Rata Market Day

The Rata Team created a market experience on Thursday 10th August, as part of their Social Science Topic: Markets.  Each class chose and made a commodity to sell. They had to consider what would sell well, how many to make and pricing. The classes then became ‘production factories’ to prepare for the market.  All children had a turn at being a Seller and a Buyer. Armed with plastic money in hand made purses, the items all quickly sold out to the many satisfied customers! They will repeat the experience later in the term when they create a Food Market.  Follow this link to see more photos




Contact Details

In order for parents to be easily contacted can you please ensure your contact details are up-to-date and notify the School Office either by telephone (454 4413) or by email if your contact details change i.e. landline/cellphone or email address.


Thank You!


Playing in the Playground

Playing in the Playground                                              

Our children enjoy a wide variety of play spaces at Anderson’s Bay.  A red flag indicates to the children when it is too wet and muddy to play on some areas. As the weather improves we are looking forward to being able to open the Playscape and other grassy areas again for play.

Playing in our school playground is supervised and monitored by three classroom teachers on duty during every play break.  These teachers notice positive play and distribute vouchers for this, which go in a weekly draw to have Monday Morning Tea with Mr McDonald.

Our Y6 PALs do a great job organising games and activities, for children of all ages to join in with at lunchtimes. Our Sports Cages are also very popular, Y6 monitors distribute sports gear from these for children to use every lunchtime.

Negative play which has required teacher intervention is recorded in a duty book and is followed by this consequences procedure:

2x incidents in a term – Your child is spoken to by Leadership Staff.

3x incidents in a term – Your child misses play opportunities for a playtime and lunchtime.

4x incidents in a term – Parents are notified by Leadership Staff and your child misses play opportunities for 2 days.

5x incidents in a term – Parents meet with Leadership Staff and your child misses play opportunities for 1 week.

The children are made aware of these consequences.

After school finishes at 3pm, if you are not taking your child home immediately you must supervise his/her playing and interacting with other children.

We promote positive play as children develop their social skills for life, thank you for supporting us with this.



Fundraising Sausage Sizzle

Every Friday during Terms 3 & 4 students are able to purchase a sausage for lunch.  This is a fundraiser for the year 6 camp, which is held early December.  The year 6 students head off to Camp Iona for a week, filled with exciting outdoor and indoor activities.  The sausages are cooked by year 6 parents with the help of 4 year 6 students.  It is a great way to fundraise for the camp as well as offering a tasty lunch for the school students.   To order, students send along $2 in an envelope with their name and classroom number.  Orders must be in by the end of each Wednesday.  Many students order sausages for a whole term.



Pool Open for Fair Contributions

The Pool will be open on Saturday 2 September, 9 September and Sunday 10 September 2017 from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, for fair donations.  We very much appreciate your contributions to our upcoming school fair, thank you.  When you are selecting items to donate please ensure they are in good order and are something that you would be happy to purchase. Electrical Items are now accepted thanks to a parent that will check and tag electrical items.  Please only send along small good quality items.  No computer gear, no TV's, no heaters.


white elephant stalls.jpg


PTA Fair Information

Fair 2017

The proceeds from our 2017 School Fair will be used to contribute to recreate our seating and shading areas of the school, creating an environment that better meets the interactive, recreational and physical needs of our students, school community and wider local community

Donations to sell at the Fair

Items can be dropped off at the School Pool on:

Saturday 2nd September 1pm-3pm

Saturday 9th September 1pm-3pm

Sunday 10 September 1pm-3pm

Books - Clothing - Toys - White Elephant

Items must be in good clean working sellable order.  Electrical Items now accepted.

Helpers Needed

Are you able to help?

If so please indicate your interest by emailing the PTA or here

We still need volunteers to help on stalls and help to pick up or drop off trestle tables.

Plastic Bags for the Fair

If you could please drop any spare plastic bags off to the Office.

Mufti Day

The PTA will hold a Fair Fundraising Mufti Day on Friday 25th August.  We will ask families for either a Gold coin donation or Chocolate or Lollies to be used as prizes for the fair.


If you have access to a Marquee that can be put on concrete please email





Notification of Absence from School

As you will be aware it is important that we are able to account for any child's absences from school.  As part of our record keeping requirements for the government we are required to code and identify the reason for a child's absence or lateness to school. Can we ask that if your child is absent from school that you please leave a message, before 9:00 am, on our absences voicemail by calling the school office on 454 4413.  In this message can you clearly state your child's name, their classroom number and the reason for their absence, it is also helpful if you can leave a contact phone number, in case we need to contact you back.


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Community Notices


Stop texting – let’s go fishing

Otago Fish & Game Council is running two FREE Take-a-kid-fishing days at the Southern Reservoir (located off Reservoir Road) on Sun 24th and Sat 30th September 2017.


Registrations for the event start on Monday 28th August and are essential. To register, visit and click on register. Alternatively, come into the Fish & Game office on the corner of Hanover & Harrow St, Dunedin.

Registrations are limited to 80 kids per session.


Spare fishing rods will be available along with experts to help kids get started. Parents or care givers must be present to supervise children.

Pita Pit.JPG


 T-Ball this summer.JPG





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