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7 March 2019

Welcome New Children

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We would like to welcome Jasper to Anderson's Bay School.  It is wonderful to have you joining us.









School Grounds

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It has become apparent that it is time for a friendly reminder about some rules regarding the school grounds:

Children are not allowed to ride their scooters or bikes before or after school through the school grounds.

Children are not permitted to use the school driveway/staff carpark entrance at any time.





School Policies

School Docs

Our school has been working with SchoolDocs to create a website for our policies and procedures. We are excited to announce that the site is now live and available to our school community. 

The school works on a subscription basis with SchoolDocs to maintain, update, and review our policies. SchoolDocs provides us with a comprehensive core set of policies which have been well researched and follow the Ministry of Education National Administration Guidelines. The policies and procedures are tailored to our school, and the school supplies specific information such as our charter, and procedures for behaviour management, reporting to parents, etc. 

SchoolDocs updates, modifies, or creates policies in response to changes in legislation or Ministry guidelines, significant events, reviews/requests from schools, and regular reviewing from the SchoolDocs team. Our board of trustees has the opportunity to view changes/additions and comment on them before they are implemented. We will advise you when policies are up for review and how you can take part in the review. 
The latest policies to be updated are:
  • School Swimming Pool
  • Alcohol/Drugs and Other Harmful Substances
A separate email will be sent to all parents/caregivers with log-in details.

Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety

Over the next month, our students will be taking part in Cyber Safety lessons. These lessons will cover how to stay safe on the internet and what to do if they feel unsafe online.

Please visit for tips on internet safety. This website has a harmful content advisory and will give advice on what to do if you are concerned about content that your child may have accessed online.


Netsafe’s advice for parents about exposure to upsetting content:

  • Have a conversation with young people about what to do if they do come across upsetting content online

  • Let your child know that they can come to you when they find something upsetting and they won’t get in trouble

  • Stay calm if they do come to you – don’t assign blame, reassure them that it’s not their fault and don’t punish them for seeking help

  • Normalise their feelings – let them know that it is normal to feel scared, confused or upset

  • Don’t over-react by taking away the technology – this may make them less likely to talk to you if something else happens

  • For young children, in particular, consider using parental controls to block out specific keywords like “Momo”

  • If you or your child comes across this type of content report it to the platform that it’s on

  • If your child is expressing any concerning feelings, follow up with mental health support

  • If you know that a young person has been engaging in unsafe challenges, report it to the Police and Netsafe, and contact a mental health service for support.

Check out these 10 safety tips for parents:





Being Sun Safe

Being Sun Safe

We have been enjoying the hot weather of February and March and as an accredited Sunsmart school, we have the following procedures in place:

  • During Term 1 and Term 4 all children must wear their school sun hats when outside.

  • Children who have mislaid their sun hats must eat and play in the shade. You may receive a note home informing you that your child needs a school sun hat.

  • There are sunscreen stations available for the children to use.

  • On very hot days lunch is eaten together under the trees in the bush track.

We are fortunate to have a lot of natural shady spots in our playground for the children to play within. We are also working on developing additional shade in the area outside Te Paihere.

The wearing of sun hats is well embedded as part of what we do here at Andy Bay, but on these hot days especially, please check your child does have a sun hat at school and that sunscreen is applied.


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School Arrival Times

We have noticed recently that some of our children are beginning to arrive at school before our school hours.  We are fortunate to be able to offer our Early Birds programme which runs from 8:00 until 8:30 am each morning.  Our school is then open for children to come into the school grounds at 8:30.  Please ensure that children are not dropped off, or brought into, school before this time as they are unsupervised and classrooms are still being prepared for the coming day. If you have a child in Early Birds, please do not drop them off until 8:00 as this is the time when Jonathan Hinds and Cheryl Ross are onsite and ready to go.

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Healthy Children Leads to a Healthy School

Coughs and colds are common for children and adults throughout the year, but particularly during the winter months.  Children starting at school for the first time will be exposed to new bugs or germs and may develop frequent illness or colds for the first year.  These are often also passed onto other family members.

As these minor illnesses can make school activities difficult for children, they should:

  • Be kept at home
  • Given rest and quiet activities
  • Have plenty of drinks and fluids
  • Given Paracetamol, as per instructions, to relieve aches and pains
  • Seen by a doctor if their symptoms do not improve or they get worse.

Did you know that viruses travel about 6 meters when you sneeze, and 3 meters when you cough. These days, as one way of preventing the spread of viruses we are teaching children to cough and sneeze into their elbows. This is a good practice to get into.

The Anderson's Bay School Policies and Procedures outline that children are required to be away from school for 48 hours following their last incidence of vomiting or diarrhea.  If your child has been unwell, it would be greatly appreciated if you could keep to these guidelines, assisting us to keep the spread of germs and bugs to a minimum.


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Toys at School

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Recently we have seen a large number of toys being brought to school .  We do understand that when crazes hit it is hard to discourage children from bringing these to school to play with their friends, however, please ensure that your child leaves these toys at home.  We don't allow our children to bring toys along to school for play, as often they become damaged, broken, swapped or lost and create a number of issues requiring resolve.    



Skool Loop

Anderson's Bay School has introduced a new School App to enable us to quickly and more efficiently communicate with parents/caregivers.

Please download this FREE App onto your cellphone, once installed choose Anderson's Bay School. 

The App will enable you to receive newsletters and notices from the school.


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Weet-Bix Tryathlon

Weet-Bix Kids Tryathlon

Sunday 10th March


If you are heading out to the Weet-Bix Tryathlon this weekend, Anderson’s Bay School will have a meeting place.  Teacher Rhonda Umfreville-Keogh from Room 12 will have an Anderson’s Bay flag flying.  All Anderson’s Bay students and parents are most welcome to join Rhonda.  So please look out for the Anderson’s Bay School flag.



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The PTA have an important role in the function and resourcing of the school. They have worked tirelessly to support many initiatives within the school, such as the environmental garden, playscape development, Discovery Friday, games in classrooms, technology purchases and the School Fair - among others.

They would like to extend an invitation to all parents to join their meetings and the organisation. They assure all prospective members not to be put off by the thought of highly demanding tasks: parents contribute only as their time and means permit and new parents are supported by current PTA members to help with events.

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact the school office or email


The next PTA Meeting will be held on

the 19th March 2019 at 7pm in the school staffroom. 

All new members and prospective members are most welcome!!









Community Notices

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 Welcome to drum lessons in 2019 with Andrew Harray. I have been playing drums for 16 years, but hitting things since I was two. In that time I have played in various bands, orchestras, and even travelled the country on some tours. I love to pass on my passion and skills to anyone who is eager to learn. Drum lessons happen after school on Tuesdays. Send me an email or give me a ring to find out more.

30 minutes individual lesson: $27

20 minutes for young beginners: $18


Andrew Harray

Phone: 027 271 8525



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 Dunedin Technical Football Club, the home of Football out South is open for


Whether your budding footballer is aiming to be to be the next All White, or
just wants to have a kick around with their friends, Dunedin Technical can

We offer a fun friendly club environment where we focus on developing their
football capabilities, at whatever level they desire, with places for under
5's to youth, and a dedicated girls only program, we can accommodate all
grades, and players of all capabilities.

Celebrating 100 years of football next year, Tech is looking to build on the
massive success of last season, and invite you to be part of it.

 Registration information can be found on our website, <> , or for any
questions please contact



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Ngai Tahu Tuition Opportunity

Ngai Tahu Iwi has nominated NumberWorks'nWords as an accredited provider of Maths and English tuition for children who are  registered.  These children are entitled to apply for a grant which provides one or two terms of tuition per year, valued at $470 plus GST per term.  Forms can be requested by emailing, or picked up from the school office, or by contacting Pauline at NumberWorks'nWords, 90 Crawford Street, Dunedin or phone 474 1104.


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RAD is a large, creative studio space located on George Street in Central Dunedin. It offers facilitated learning opportunities in all areas of Contemporary Art and Design.

For ages 8-12 years



(Holidays: Every day from 8.30am- 5.30pm)

Facilitator: Hannah Breeze: Over 12+ years of Art and Teaching Experience

For more info and booking online:




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92 Jeffery Street, Anderson's Bay, 9013 Dunedin
(03) 454 4413