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8 December 2016

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Final Newsletter for 2016

On a final note, on behalf of our Teaching and Support Team, at Anderson's Bay School, I would like to wish you all a very festive and happy holiday season.  We have had an exciting year, in so many ways, and it has been a privilege to see the growth and development of the children across the school.  The children and families should all be very proud of these achievements through 2016!

During the past weeks our whole school was involved in a variety of experiences at school and away from school.  We would not have been able to make these experiences a possibility without the support and help of so many.  For all of your help throughout the year I would like to thank you, it has been very much appreciated!  

Finally, I would like to extend, on behalf of our team at Anderson's Bay School, our very warm and sincere best wishes for a safe and enjoyable Term Break.  

christmas lights.jpgchristmas lights.jpg


Anderson's Bay School Playscape

At long last the day finally arrived.  We were very proud and excited to be opening our Anderson's Bay School Playscape on Thursday 8th November.  This project has been in the pipeline since 2014 and has been very competently managed through the stages of vision, consultation, planning and development by Geoff Markby and Lizzie Potter, who have both committed a huge amount of personal time and effort to making this a success.  We are extremely grateful for their vision and leadership.  With the support of our ever vigilant and positive PTA and through funds raised by this amazing group, the financial contributions by the Otago Community Trust, Alexander McMillan Trust, Bendigo Trust and the Callas Trust, the Playscape dream and vision has now become a reality.  The Otago Community Trust have uploaded this montage of the Playscape development unfolding, follow this link for a pictorial display of the Playscape from beginning to end.  For now, though, the happy noise of children thoroughly enjoying their new environment!




Request for Sandpit Toys

The Playscape would like to ask for donations for our sandpit toy box.  We kindly request OLD, PRE-LOVED METAL saucepans, sieves, colanders, large ladles, slotted spoons, muffin trays in fact anything that can add to the children's imaginary play!  No glass or plastic.

Please drop then either to Room 6 or to the office we would really appreciate it.


sandpit toys.jpg


2017 Classes

The classroom structure for 2017 has now been finalised.  We are very pleased to be welcoming back Sarah Bayne-O'Connor and also welcoming to our Anderson's Bay School Teaching Team Lauren Wallis and Charlotte Turner.  From the beginning of 2017, we will be renaming Room 1 A to Room 2. This will mean that the classroom areas in the Ngā Tipu area will be referred to as Ngā Tipu and Room 1.


Ngā Tipu and Room 1 Year 1 Emily Armstrong and Tania Pleace
Room 2 Year 1/2 Sharon Weir and Jane Wood
Room 3 Year 1/2 Charlotte Turner
Room 4 Year 1/2  Katie Cunningham
Room 5 Year 3/4 Geoff Markby
Room 6 Year 3/4 Lizzie Potter
Room 7 Year 3/4 Joanne Ward
Room 8 Year 3/4 Jackie Tangata
Room 9 Year 5/6 Sarah Bayne-O'Connor
Room 10 Year 5/6 Bridget McDowall
Room 11 Year 5/6 Paul Gibbons
Room 12 Year 5/6 Miranda Bloxham and Lauren Wallis


The 2017 classroom structure does hold some changes for our existing Leadership Team.  Agnes Oliver, our Assistant Principal will be undertaking Leadership responsibilities in the school, along with working with children in Reading Recovery and with some small target groups of children.  Glenda Thomas, our Deputy Principal, will also be undertaking Leadership responsibilities, in her role as Deputy Principal, along with providing some classroom release for Rooms 8 and 10.


Outstanding School Accounts

Recently you may have received an invoice from the school office, outlining any remaining payments that are required to finalise your school account.  As you are aware our school operates on a very tight budget and every amount makes a difference.  If you do have an overdue school account, it would be very much appreciated if you can make arrangements to pay this account by Tuesday 13th December, unless prior arrangements for payment have been made.


End of Year Assembly

Our end of year assembly will again be held at the Edgar Centre, on Wednesday 14th December, at 6:00 pm.  Please add this date into your calendar, if you have not already done so.  We would appreciate if you could arrange to have children at the Edgar Centre between 5:45 and 5:55, as we will be starting sharp at 6:00 pm.  For this evening, children are asked to wear Christmas themed clothing.


Discovery Friday Charity Group

Charity Group p 1.JPGCharity Group p 2.JPG


Final Day of School for 2016

The final day of school for 2016 will be Thursday 15th December.  Classes and school will finish at 12:30 pm.  Please also add this into your diaries and arrange for the early finish time.


School Road Patrol

As you may know, the school is fortunate enough to be able to do Road Patrol at the crossings on Highcliff Road and Jeffery Street.  This is done by Year 6 children who have been trained by the police in what to do, and are supported by Parent Supervisors with monitoring the traffic and conditions to make sure that it’s safe before the children cross.  Without parent help, we can’t do Road Patrol, and this could put the safety of children at risk as they move to or from school.


We are sad to be losing six Parent Supervisors at the end of this year due to their youngest child moving on to Intermediate.  A big thank you to Donna Agnew, Nicky Aldridge-Masters, Marnie Green, Jo Pledger, Jo Stokes and Heather Swain for your support.  This leaves some significant gaps in the roster for 2017.


If you and/or your child use one of the crossings, please consider joining the Road Patrol team for next year.  Morning patrol takes place on the Highcliff Road crossing from 8.30am to 8.55am, and on both the Highcliff Road and Jeffery Street crossings in the afternoons from 2.55pm to 3.15pm.  As far as possible, Parent Supervisors do a fixed day each week, but days can be split between two people across the term.  The more parent support we have, the more the load can be spread.  And remember, it’s only 20 – 25 minutes of your time once a week!


Helping with Road Patrol provides practical support for the school community, and does make a difference. If you can assist us, please email Jonathan Hinds at by Monday 12th December, letting him know which crossing (Highcliff / Jeffery / either), which day of the week (Mon / Tues / Wed / Thurs / Fri / any) and either morning or afternoon.


school patrol.jpg


Uni Cycles For Sale

Room 6 have finished using their unicycles but before they are returned you have the opportunity to buy one for only $65! (RRP over $100). They are perfect for beginners, very sturdy and come with full instructions. Please contact Lizzie at before the end of term.




Community Notices


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