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8 June 2019

Welcome New Children

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   We would like to welcome Rhyder and Kyra

to Anderson's Bay School. 

It is wonderful to have you joining us.









Friday Sausages and Charlie Drink Year 6 Camp Fundraiser

The Year 6 children are fundraising for their camp to be held in December.

These are a great option on those cold winter days when it’s nice for the kids to have something hot for lunch. It also gives parents a day off sandwich duty!  We hope you will support our Year 6's in their fundraising efforts.
How to order
Please place the correct cash in an envelope with your child’s full name, class number and number of sausages or Charlie’s drink required and post in the slot in the office before 3pm on the Wednesday.
Sausage             $2.00
Charlie Drink      $2.00
Never have the correct change in your wallet? How about ordering for a block of weeks or the whole nine weeks? Simply place the correct amount in an envelope with the details listed above and stating which dates you wish to order for.
Term 2 Starting from Friday 14th June
Term 3 All Fridays
Term 4 November 22nd last day for sausage

ODT EXTRA! Spelling Quiz

Four Anderson’s Bay School teams competed in the Otago Daily Times Extra year 5 and 6 Spelling Quiz at Tahuna School on Wednesday the 5th of June.  While we are proud of the way our teams competed we are especially proud of Ella, Aidan and Aria who achieved 3rd placing overall.  Well done Anderson’s Bay School!


 IMG_6084.jpg                                                                                              3rd placegetters spelling quiz.jpg


Anderson's Bay School Polices and Procedures - Community Conduct

Anderson's Bay School

Community Conduct Expectations

Anderson's Bay School is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for students, staff, and visitors.

Our Code of Conduct serves as a reminder to all parents, caregivers, and school visitors that their conduct must support everyone’s emotional and physical wellbeing, and not harm it in any way. The school’s board has set this Code of Conduct as a condition of entry.

The Code of Conduct applies:

  • to all conduct, speech, and action, and includes emails, texts, phone calls, social media, or other communication
  • while on school grounds or at another venue where students and/or staff are assembled for school purposes (such as a camp or sports match).

Standards of conduct

Anderson's Bay School expects parents, caregivers, and visitors to:

  • treat everyone with respect
  • work together in partnership with staff for the benefit of students
  • respect and adhere to our school values
  • set a good example for students at all times
  • follow school procedures to handle any complaints
  • adhere to school policies and procedures (such as those listed below), and any legal requirements.

Examples of unsuitable conduct include:

  • threats, bullying, harassment
  • profanity/offensive language
  • insulting, abusing, or intimidating behaviour
  • discrimination (e.g. based on ethnicity, religion)
  • physical aggression
  • deception/fraud damaging school property
  • smoking, possessing or using alcohol/drugs/other harmful substances on school premises or at another venue where students and/or staff are assembled for school purposes (except possession or use of alcohol in accordance with school policy)
  • placing unreasonable and excessive expectations on staff time or resources
  • pursuing a complaint or campaign, or making defamatory, offensive, or derogatory comments, regarding the school, its board, or any staff or students on social media or other public forums
  • wearing gang insignia on the school grounds. (This is not allowed under the Prohibition of Gang Insignia legislation, and anyone wearing it will be asked to leave.)

Dealing with breaches of the Code of Conduct

How Anderson's Bay School deals with breaches of our Code of Conduct depends on the nature of the incident and its seriousness, and the process any witness or victim of the behaviour feels most comfortable with. Examples include:

  • documenting each instance of behaviour, including the date, time, place, who was present, what was said (verbatim if possible), how any witness or victim felt and/or responded
  • holding a meeting with the relevant person, the principal, and/or board chair (or their delegate) or appropriate staff member to discuss the problem and possible resolution issuing a warning letter that outlines the problem and required resolution, and reminds them of the possible outcomes of repeated conduct
  • arranging a meeting, which may include restorative practices, as an alternative or in addition to the processes above.

Outcomes of breaching the Code of Conduct

If a parent, caregiver, or visitor acts or speaks in a way that contravenes the Code of Conduct, possible outcomes may include:

  • The school (principal, board member, or staff member) may ask a person to leave the school premises by revoking their permission to be on the school grounds, then asking them to leave under section 3 of the Trespass Act 1980.
  • Unacceptable behaviour of a criminal nature may result in the police being informed. For example, under section 139C of the Education Act 1989, it is a criminal offence to assault, abuse, or intimidate a staff member within the presence or hearing of any student while on school premises or in any other place where students are assembled for school purposes. Other instances of criminal o ending may occur where drugs are involved, an assault has occurred, or a person persists after being trespassed o school grounds.
  • In the case of behaviour amounting to harassment, a restraining order may be sought.
  • In some instances, it may be appropriate to refer behaviour to a third party for resolution. For example, a Facebook comment that contravenes this policy may result in a report to Facebook. If unacceptable behaviour occurs at a sports event or sports venue, then it may be appropriate to involve the governing body of that sport, event, or venue.





To celebrate Matariki, on Friday 14th of June we will be having hot chocolates and a star cookie with our buddy classes in the morning. Please send along a named mug, with your child on Thursday/Friday.


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School Ski Trip

Anderson’s Bay School Ski Trip - Cardrona 2019 *UPDATE*


Hi all

A quick update to the 2019 school ski trip. As you may have seen/ heard, when we put out the initial call for interest we were swamped with enquiries and the trip quickly filled out. Part of the issue here was the cap on numbers Cardrona had imposed on our group. The cap was related to their concern over how much rental gear they would have available. However, after a few consequent discussions with Cardrona, they have relaxed this cap, and it only remains in regards to the number of children on the trip who require rental gear.

So, we still have a few spaces left on the trip. If all those currently indicating they are keen to go, then it leaves just under 10 more spaces for children requiring gear. Accompanying adults or children with their own gear don’t count towards this cap.

The huge influx of enquiries in such a short amount of time last time around highlighted that the old system of first in first served (which has been the case for many years now) is probably due for review. It may be subsequent years whoever takes over running these trips will have to introduce a ballot system. However, I meantime, will resort to first past the post.

So if you are interested could you please email and let me know how many in your potential party, which days (Fri/Sat/Sun or all 3), and if you require rental gear or not.

 Email: (please make sure you email direct to me)


Other Info:

This years Andy Bay Family Ski Weekend at Cardrona will take place on weekend of Fri – Sun 30/31st August and 1st September.  This is always a great weekend for families from Anderson’s Bay School, great for beginners, or seasoned veterans, or those just keen to ski/ board with other families from within the school community at Cardrona, which is a great family orientated resort

The offer we get from Cardrona is open to school pupils and staff and their immediate family. The package is for the mountain only. You’ll need to organise your own transport to and from the mountain, and accommodation.

 This year’s rates are as follows:


Lift/lesson/rental package

(Rates are per person per day. Under 6 receive free lift pass)

Winter Rates (up to Sept. 11th)

Thurs - Sun

Lift Pass & Lesson * (compulsory)


Lift Pass, Lesson & Rental Hire


* Please note that this School deal includes a ski/snowboard lesson per day.  The payment of the lesson is compulsory as part of the deal, whether you actually attend your lesson on the day or not.  The group lessons time is 8:30am to 10am approx.

 If you require clothing hire, rates are as follows:

  • Full clothing (jacket/pants) rental $28/day.
  • Half Suit (jacket or pants) rental $15/day
  • Goggles rental $8 per day.

As lessons start at 8.30am it means an early start to get up the mountain. But the benefit is a full days skiing/ boarding, and car parking pretty much outside resort base.

Siblings Under 6?

Children under 6yrs receive free lift passes.

Children under 5yrs who are travelling as part of a family with school age children cannot participate in school group lessons. Under 5’s are welcome to rent ski equipment at the NZ school group rates in which case they will need to be listed on the confirmation form, but will need to ski WITH their parents. Alternatively, Under 5’s can be booked in advance to our fully licensed childcare facilities: the Cardrona Childcare Centre. For more information, please go to

Let me know if you require more info etc.


Many thanks, Laurence Potter

022 1600 515




PTA News

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The next PTA Meeting will be held in the school staffroom on Tuesday, 18 June 2019 at 7:30pm.

All new members are most welcome!



Pure Taieri Honey page 1.JPG

Pure Taieri Honey page 2.JPG

Orders can be placed using the online form

or alternatively using the order from below (there are also copies of this form available in the office). Feel free to include friends, family, colleagues etc. on this order form, as long as the honey  can be picked up from school on the 25th June. All payments need to be made before the 17th June.

Orders Due back to School by the 17th June.  
Orders will be delivered to School on the 25th June.

Payment can either be in cash in a named envelope to the school office or via internet banking.

Cash (to office)


Internet Bank details:  
Account no: 03 1729 0015631 00
Reference details: “Honey”, “customer name”
[please ensure “customer name” is the same on both order and payment]



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Road Patrol




Road Patrol Request - CAN YOU HELP PLEASE?


At this stage we do not have enough road patrol parent supervisors for our 2019 patrols.

Please consider supervising road patrol.  WE DESPERATELY NEED YOU!

Please email Mrs Thomas at  or call the school at 4544413

Current vacancies:

  • Highcliff Road morning (8:30 to 8:55am):

    • Thursday

  • Jeffery Street afternoon (2:50 to 3:15pm)

    • Wednesday

    • Thursday


Please help us fill these days


Thank you!!

Glenda Thomas



Community Notices


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The Otago Centre of Athletics New Zealand

PO Box 444, Dunedin 9054, New Zealand






 Athletics Otago, in partnership with our local clubs, will run the Fifth year of the Kids Cross Country Series over the winter months.

 Who:   Year 0 to 8 Student’s.

What:  Five cross country races (enter as few or as many Races as you would like.)


When and where:

  • Event 1:           16 June – Corstorphine Park, Corstorphine

(hosted by Caversham Harrier and Athletic Club)


  • Event 2:           29 June – Wingatui Racecourse, Wingatui, Mosgiel

(hosted by Hill City University Club)


  • Event 3:           20 July – Waikouaiti Racecourse, Waikouaiti         

(hosted by Leith Harrier and Athletic Club)


  • Event 4:           04 August - Memorial Park, Mosgiel

(hosted by Athletics Taieri)


  • Event 5:           18 August - Rotary Park, Waverley

(hosted by Ariki Athletic and Harrier Club)


What time:     Events 1, 4 & 5 will run as follows:

Boys and Girls will run together but results recorded separately

9.30am            Registrations taken and race numbers available to collect.

9.50am            Warm up and guided walk around the course

10.15am          Years 0/1 & 2

10.35am          Years 3 & 4

11.00am          Years 5 & 6

11.25am          Years 7 & 8


Events 2 & 3 will run as follows:

 12.30pm          Registrations taken and race numbers available to collect.

12.50pm          Warm up and Guided walk around the course

1.15pm            Years 0/1 & 2 Boys and Girls Race Parents/caregivers are welcome to run as well.

1.35pm            Years 3 & 4 Boys and Girls Race

2.30pm            Years 5 & 6 Boys and Girls Race (Will be run with the Under 14 Grade Race)

2.30pm            Years 7 & 8 Boys and Girls Race (Will be run with the Under 14 Grade Race)


How Far:                     Years 0/1 & 2 Approximately 800m

                                    Years 3 & 4 Approximately 1km-1.5km

                                    Years 5 & 6 Approximately 2km-2.5km

                                    Years 7 & 8 Approximately 2km-2.5km

Please note: Times can change on the day with races able to run up to 30 minutes earlier than advertised (only in adverse weather conditions). Depending on entries, the Year 7 & 8 races may be combined with the Year 5 & 6 races and start at the Year 5 & 6 starting time. Events will not be cancelled unless very adverse weather conditions occur. The event cancellation will be posted on the website, Facebook and broadcast on Radio Dunedin.

How to enter:  On the Athletics Otago website: by clicking on ‘Events’ and then ‘Kids Cross Country Series’. Enter one event, or all five! It’s a fantastic way to keep fit over the winter months, so come along and have some fun.


Cost: $7.50 per child per event

          $15.00 for a family of 2 or more per event.

          $30.00 per child if entered for all events.

Registrations also taken on the day.


What to wear:   No specialised gear is required. Children can run in whatever they feel comfortable in but remember it might get a bit MUDDY! For most of the events it is recommended that children wear footwear. It is a good idea to bring something warm to put on after the race.





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92 Jeffery Street, Anderson's Bay, 9013 Dunedin
(03) 454 4413