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9 February 2017

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New Children At Anderson's Bay School

We would like to welcome Max, Nina, Beckley, Charlie, Emma, Sam, Brook, Gibbston, Omega, Aevah (absent) , Hannah and Carys to Anderson's Bay School.  It is wonderful to have you all joining us at the start of this year.



Assembly Programme





Running Assembly




Totara Singing











No Assembly







10 7/4

Dance Week Performance


No Assembly


Community Evening

We will be having a Community Evening on Thursday 16th February allowing an opportunity to introduce our Anderson’s Bay School teaching and support team, and view the children’s classrooms.  This will begin at 5:30 pm with introductions in the hall.  At about 5:45 pm your children will be invited to take you to their classrooms where you can meet and have an informal chat with the classroom teachers.  During the classroom visits there will be a sausage sizzle and we would love to see you there for a less formal chat.  For administrative purposes, please return the indication slip at the bottom of your original notice, or email our school office on to allow us an idea of numbers attending the sausage sizzle.  There is no cost for this evening.


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Library Book Covering Group

Our school library is at the heart of the school, offering a wide range of reading and learning resources to our pupils.  We have over 9,000 books in our collection, and each year aim to replace about 5% of our books due to wear and tear, old age, etc. 


To extend the life of our books, we formed a Library Group a few years ago, where a group of parents and friends of the school meet on Tuesday mornings from 9.00am in the library to reinforce and cover each book before it’s released to go on the shelves.  The group not only meets a very practical need in the school, but also provides an opportunity for parents to meet and get to know others in the wider school. 


If you can spare an hour or so of your time on a Tuesday morning to help with book covering, please e-mail Jonathan Hinds at


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Anderson's Bay School is very privileged to have an extremely supportive and proactive PTA.  Over the years the PTA have been responsible for providing some many opportunities for the children in our school, which would otherwise have not been possible, without their support and help. 

As a new year begins, we are seeking new members to join our strong PTA team, who meet monthly.  The first PTA meeting of the year will also be the Annual General Meeting, and we would welcome any persons interested in finding a little more out about the PTA or any new members to come along.  This will be held in the staffroom, at school, from 7:00 pm, on Tuesday 21st February.




Early Birds

We have noticed that a number of children are arriving at school well before the official time of 8:30am. Our school grounds, classrooms, etc. are only open for children to enter from 8.30am – prior to this time, there is no supervision and this could become a safety issue for them.


To assist parents of Anderson’s Bay School pupils who need to drop their child at school between 8.00am and 8.30am, the school runs EarlyBirds, a supervised before-school programme in the MLE/Library. EarlyBirds is a “user pays” service, and costs just $4.00 per child per session (or part thereof). 


For further information, please contact Jonathan Hinds at, or through the school office (454-4413).


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Library Books

Our school library is once again open, and we are delighted that children are taking advantage of our wide range of books during the regular opportunities they have to issue and return books.  Books are issued for a maximum of two weeks – if they are not returned within that time, an overdue notice will automatically be sent out to parents.  We would therefore appreciate your help in ensuring that your child returns their library books within the two week period.


When being returned, library books should be placed either in the special library returns box in your child’s classroom, or they may be brought down to the library and put into the red library returns box next to the library issue desk.  Books must NOT be placed straight back on to the shelves, or put into the picture book bins, until they have been scanned back into the library system, otherwise they will remain on issue to your child.


We do everything we can to keep our library books in the best condition possible.  However, we understand that accidents do happen – leaking water bottles, torn pages, etc.  We also know that library books do not like food and drink!  If you become aware that a library book has sustained damaged which you cannot repair, please return the book to school at once and let us know what has happened so that we can try to save the book.


Thank you for your support.  




School Road Patrol

Anderson’s Bay School is fortunate to be allowed to undertake Road Patrol at the pedestrian crossings on Highcliff Road and Jeffery Street.  While the actual patrol duties are done by trained Year 6 Patrollers, it is essential that we have a Parent Supervisor working with each patrol team, acting as an extra pair of eyes to help with monitoring the traffic and conditions to make sure it’s safe before the children are allowed to cross.  Without parents on the crossings, we really can’t do Road Patrol, and this could put the safety of children at risk as they move to or from school.


Being a Parent Supervisor involves just 20 – 25 minutes of your time once a week!  In the mornings, we patrol the Highcliff Road crossing from 8.30am to 8.55am, while afternoon patrols are done on both the Highcliff Road and Jeffery Street crossings from 2.55pm to 3.15pm.  Parent Supervisors do a fixed day each week, but days can be split between two people across the term.  The more parents we have as Patrol Supervisors, the more the load can be spread.   


If you can help, please e-mail Jonathan Hinds at

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Free Library Books for School

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As part of the Kelloggs Active Minds Programme, we can get free books for our school library.

Please encourage family and friends to put receipts for Kellogg products in the collection bin for Anderson’s Bay School at Centre City New World.


Anderson's Bay School Uniform

Adventure Outfitters (Princes Street)  stock all of the following uniform items for purchase:

  • Skort
  • Short 
  • Pants 
  • Cotton Polo
  • Zip Through Fleece Jacket
  • Zip Through Microfleece top
  • Sports Style Track Pants
  • Sports T-Shirt 
  • Sports shorts

Given that we have choice and variety of uniform items, it is the Board of Trustees' expectation that all children in our school will be wearing the correct Anderson's Bay School uniform.  The only items of clothing that are non-uniform items are school shoes (which can be of any design) and underclothing for our school tops or skorts.  If children are wearing thermal tops or leggings under these items please ensure that these are either navy blue or black.  Over the next weeks we will be monitoring our school uniform, requesting that non-uniform items not be worn to school.  We very much appreciate your support and assistance in ensuring our school uniform is worn properly.


Gifted and Talented Programme

If you would like to nominate your child (Year 4-6) to participate in our programme, the details about the criteria for involvement are on our school website.  Parent nomination forms may be downloaded from the site, alternatively, please contact the office for a copy.  Forms need to be back at school by Friday 17th February. Our programme will be taken on Wednesdays from 11:30 – 12:30pm.

If you have any questions please contact Miranda Bloxham


Lost Property

After our second week at school we already have a growing pile of lost property.  If you haven't already done so, could you please take the time to clearly label all items of your child's clothing and property.  This helps us to return them back to the owner.


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Community Notices

The Southern Children's Choir

The Southern Children’s Choir is looking for a group of 32 talented children between the ages 9-13 to for our 2017 choir.  The choir was formed in 2007 to fill the need for a choir where the children of Dunedin could explore a wide variety of vocal music, while gaining fundamental musical skills for a lifetime of happy music-making.


Sign up for your audition time by filling out this simple form:


Further details can be found via our Facebook page or by contacting the choir administrator, Rebecca Meikle at:



  • A wide variety of  instruments to choose from.
  • Approx one hour lessons.
  • Instruments available for affordable hire.
  • Orchestras and ensemble groups for 2nd year players to advanced level.
  • An introductory class especially designed for young children: “Let’s Make Music”.


  • George Street Normal School (Saturday morning).
  • Bathgate Park School (Saturday morning).
  • Elmgrove School  (Mosgiel Wednesday after school)
  • Mornington School (Tuesday after school. “Let’s Make Music”)
  • Tainui School (Thursday after school. “Let’s Make Music” and Guitar)



Saturday 11th February 9:30-11:30am at George Street Normal School; or Bathgate Park School.

 Wednesday 15th Feb, 3:30-4:30pm Elmgrove School, Mosgiel.

 Late enrolments will be accepted throughout February.

Enquiries: see website for contact details.

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92 Jeffery Street, Anderson's Bay, 9013 Dunedin
(03) 454 4413