Useful Websites for Parents and Children

The aim of this page is to provide a useful resource for parents and children that provides links to a number of educational based websites.  This is a growing web page which we will continue to add useful resources or websites that may be helpful for Home.


Educational Sites

Some sites provide a variety of educational based, interactive games and resources.

Sparkle Box

ICT Games


NZ Maths Student sites - this provides a link and description to specific maths activities based around our New Zealand Numeracy Project.

NZ Maths Families - this links to information for families around New Zealand Mathematics

BBC Numeracy

BBC Literacy

How Stuff Works

Quiz Games

Maths Activities

Language Activities

Typing Practise

Cool Maths

Math Playground

Woodlands Maths

Kids Numbers

Fun Brain

A Plus Math

Times Tables

Internet and Cyber Safety


Hector's World


Points of Reference

The Dunedin Public Library

Life Education Bus


Learning Support Programmes

There are a variety of options to support and supplement the learning needs of children outside of school.  The identified sites below are some examples, however, it is important to note that as a school we do not specifically endorse one institute in particular.

The Learning Staircase (STEPS)

Kip McGrath



Parental Reference

Nigel Latta

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