Anderson's Bay School Innovative Learning Environments

In 2013 Anderson's Bay School opened the first of it's Innovative Learning Spaces development.  This was an exciting opportunity for our school as it allows us to develop alterations to our classroom spaces and construct a new Library and Information Technology Suite, which houses a number of areas children, teachers and small groups are able to work in a variety of spaces.

"Many of New Zealand's schools were built between the 1950s and 1970s following the post-war baby boom.  During this era, education was based on a teacher-centred system that revolved around structured classroom lessons.

Approaches to teaching and learning have changed over the last 20 years.  While classrooms are still the most highly utilised areas in schools, they need to respond to these changes as their performance is critical to modern education delivery.

Modern schools comprise of flexible teaching zones that can easily be reconfigured and used in a variety of ways.  They have better environmental qualities ... and are wired for ICT."

(Ministry of Education, 2011, The New Zealand School Property Strategy 2011 - 2021)

At Anderson's Bay School we are very proud to be embracing the concept of constructing and developing Modern Learning Environments. The construction of shared learning space in 2013 heralded the beginning of this journey, which will continue with further developments anticipated in 2018.  

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