ICT at Anderson's Bay School

Information and Communication Technology is an integral part of the Curriculum.  ICT as a tool allows students and teachers to access a wide variety of exciting and stimulating teaching and learning experiences.  At Anderson's Bay School we have a commitment to our School Vision of being "Absolutely the Best", in which we aim to provide the absolute best teaching and learning opportunities for our students.  The Information and Communication Technology aspects of our classroom and school programmes are no exception to that rule.  Throughout the school we have a commitment to providing our students with access to the wide variety of modern, up-to-date aspects of technology within the classroom and throughout the school.  Currently all classrooms have Interactive Whiteboards.  Activboards are a wonderful aspect of the classroom programme that allow students to access and use technology to enhance their learning experience and foster greater development.  In addition to the interactive whiteboard in each classroom, all classrooms have computers for children to use during the classroom programme.  Currently Anderson's Bay School has an active pod of 15 laptops which classrooms and individual children are able to access and use to support their learning process.

At Anderson’s Bay School there is a strong commitment to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) throughout the school.  As part of the classroom and learning environments Interactive Whiteboards, and classroom computers are a valuable asset to the classroom programme and resources in every classroom throughout the school.  Children are able to access information, learning challenges and an interactive curriculum through classroom technologies, access to the existing pod of 15 laptops, 32 iPads, digital cameras and interactive applications and software.  Anderson’s Bay School proudly boasts a 30 seat ICT suite, with a purpose installed green wall for green screen technologies. The recently developed Modern Learning Environment at Anderson’s Bay School further enhances the opportunity for interactive and collaborative learning to occur in exciting ways.

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