The Anderson's Bay School Gifted and Talented Enrichment Programme (GAT)

As part of our strong emphasis on providing high quality learning experiences for children, we maintain a variety of exceptional support and enrichment programmes.  The nature of the programmes that have been developed aim to further enhance the educational opportunities, whilst maintaining a purpose and integration into the curriculum.  Over recent years some of the opportunities provided through the GAT programme have included:


  • The development and painting of the amazing mural on the external wall of the school pool
  • Participation in Learning Languages opportunities
  • Participation in the Three Countries International relationship and web conference between two Japanese schools, one Korean school and Anderson's Bay School
  • Robotics and science block modules, held at Bayfield High School.
  • A full year project investigating a real life issue, resulting in the development of a fully costed, investigated and feasible plan for an alternate 
  • Blog and website development programmes

Parent Nomination Gifted And Talented Programme Pupil Profile


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