The Anderson's Bay School Teaching & Support Team

Anderson's Bay School are very fortunate to have a fantastic and supportive team of teaching and support staff, who are always willing to go the extra mile, ensuring that all children at Anderson's Bay School receive the absolute best opportunities and experiences.  

The Anderson's Bay School Team for 2015 are:


Hamish McDonald
Glenda Thomas
Deputy Principal - Classroom Release Teacher Room 8 & Room 10
Agnes Oliver
Assistant Principal - Reading Recovery
Jackie Tangata
Team Leader - Year 3/4, Room 8
Emily Armstrong
Year 1, Ngā Tipu
Tania Pleace
Year 1, Ngā Tipu
Katie Cunningham
Year 1/2, Room 4
Lizzie Potter
Year 3/4, Room 6
Joanne Ward
Year 3/4, Room 7
Jane Wood
Year 1/2, Room 2 and Specialist PE and Music Teacher
Bridget McDowall
Year 5/6, Room 10
Geoff Markby
Year 3/4, Room 5
Paul Gibbons
Year 5/6, Room 11
Robyn Parker
School Secretary
Jeff Williams
Sharon Weir
Yr 1/2 Room 2
Miranda Bloxham
Yr 5/6 Room 12
Lisa Caton
Teacher Aide
Cheryl Ross
Teacher Aide
Deirdre Helm
Teacher Aide
Ann Sell
Teacher Aide
Jonathan Hinds
Teacher Aide and Librarian
Rhonda Umfreville-Keogh
Currently on Maternity Leave
Janet Crombie
Teacher Aide
Annabel Hamman
Specialist Teacher
Charlotte Turner
Yr 1/2 Room 3
Maureen Todd
Teacher Aide
Lauren Wallis
Yr 5/6 Room 12
Moira Macdonald
Teacher Aide
Sarah Bayne-O'Connor
Yr 5/6 Room 9
92 Jeffery Street, Anderson's Bay, 9013 Dunedin
(03) 454 4413